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  1. morfey2005


    30 янв 2008
    Affiliate Payload VIP Month 4 Videos
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    “Shadow Affiliate Triad Reveals $247,000 a Month Portfolio of Cash Siphoning Tactics
    You were Never Meant to See...”

    Are You Ready for a Quick Raid on the Internet’s Biggest
    Hidden Cash Mountain?

    I'm flabbergasted. I can't believe it’s happened, but somehow, someway, they have managed to keep it all hidden...

    They've managed to keep the public vainly fighting for table scraps while they fill their coffers to the point of bursting...

    Well now they have profited enough and now it's your turn to grab a piece of the pie...

    But who are “they” and what exactly am I talking about?

    “They" are the internet fat cats. Super affiliates and wonder gurus... Guys that build fences and walls to you keep you out...

    Please excuse the conspiracy undertones, but I have seen it all with my own eyes and used the system to make up to a quarter million dollars in a month - And before you finish reading this, I will prove to you beyond a doubt that it’s all 100% true...

    If you Don’t want to start Siphoning the Internet’s
    Biggest Money Mountain for your Own Financial Gain,
    then Read no Further...

    The information I am about to reveal is highly sensitive AND confidential.

    To this day, only a very select and Elite group of people has ever been privy to this, and you can be sure they want it to stay that way. The last thing they want is for you and I to come in and gatecrash the profit party.

    Now there is nothing illegal or unethical to what I am about to show you, but it strikes directly at the core of the established order and unlocks the key to pools of wealth they would fight tooth and nail to keep to themselves.

    Therefore, we must tread with care as I lay bare everything I saw when I joined their inner circle through the back door...

    Exposed! The Most Vile Plot in Internet History:

    "While we stare at Google, the Elite is quietly Siphoning
    off billions of dollars from the Internet by Playing
    a Different Game with a Different set of Rules..."

    Ever felt that there just *had* to be more to it...

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