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    8 дек 2008
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    Social Media allows you to create a video sharing and uploading community just like Youtube, Myspace and Metacafe.
    - Unlimited categories and sub-categories
    - Search engine friendly URLs
    - Template engine for easy customization
    - Multi-language (Members can select a language from their account settings)
    - Captcha on various form fields to prevent spam (Can be enabled / disabled)
    - RSS feeds
    - Invite friends - Members can invite friends from MSN, Yahoo, GMail etc
    - Link trading system (Ability to track traffic)
    Member Profiles
    - Profiles can be completely customized (Just like MySpace and IMVU)
    - Each box can be dragged to a new position
    - Each box can have unique colors for each element (Title, font, background etc)
    - New boxes can be added with either custom content or an RSS feed
    - Boxes can be deleted or minimised for later use
    - Users can add their own css to their profile, and create their own unique look
    - Simple profile editor which enables members to easily customize their profile without HTML / CSS knowledge
    - Users are able to leave comments on other users profiles
    - Each profile has ten sections: Profile Home, Media, Favorites, Playlists, Friends, Groups, Blogs, Picture Gallery, Comments, Subscribers
    Edit Profile / Account Settings
    - Members can set their global display name
    - Ability to change profile title and description / reset profile views.
    - Members can change their "Channel". Channels are used to group members with similar interests.
    - Members can upload a profile avatar from their computer, or choose one from their uploaded pictures or media
    - Members can change various information regarding their interests and hobbies.
    - Members can change their personal information such as name, country, birth date, email address etc.
    - Profile can be set as public or private (Friends only)
    - Profile / picture comments can be enabled / disabled
    - Members can select a global site language
    - Family filter on/off
    - Members can set what they will receive email notifications for
    - Ability to configure mobile phone uploading
    Member Groups
    - Each member is a**igned to a member group
    - The default member groups are Root Admin, Admin, Members, Guests, Banned
    - Each member group has different permissions / settings which can be configured via the admin panel (Too many options to list)
    Media Page
    - Rate media (Ajax)
    - Add to favorites, playlist or group (Ajax)
    - Flag media as inappropiate (Ajax)
    - Email to friend (Ajax)
    - Add to social bookmarks (digg, etc) (Ajax)
    - Save media to computer (Can be enabled / disabled for different user groups)
    - Display / post comments (Ajax)
    - Members can add videos to their profile (Ajax)
    - Copy / paste embed code and link
    - Related media / more media from user (Ajax)
    - Each media file can have its own sponsor content or advertisement
    - Media can be browsed by category, searched or sorted by various options
    - Media can be browsed in two views: detailed and basic
    - Media tag cloud - shows most searched tags
    - Media Plugs: Admins can add media plugs which look like regular media files, however link to another site (Great way to circulate traffic around a network)
    My Media / My Favorites
    - Members can manage their uploaded media files
    - Members can manage their favorite media files
    - Audio Swap: Members can change the audio of their uploaded videos
    Subscriptions / Subscribers
    - Members can subscribe to media from a certain tag, or another member
    - Latest media subscriptions are displayed on the "members home" page
    - Members can create blogs
    - Blogs can be set as either public, public (profile only), friends only or diary.
    - Powerful WYSIWYG editor
    - Users can browse blogs, search them, or sort them using a variety of options
    Picture Galleries
    - Members can upload pictures which are hidden from the main site
    - Members can create multiple albums to organise their pictures.
    - Albums can be set as public, friends only or private
    - Members can create groups and set them to either public, private or protected
    - Group owner can edit group settings such as validation of media uploads, forum postings and group icons
    - Each group has a forum whereby topics can be created and group members can reply
    - Ability to browse the members and media in a group
    - Users can browse groups, search them, or sort them using a variety of options
    - Members can create playlists which act as a members own category.
    - Playlist owner can add any media files to their playlist
    - Playlist media can easily be arranged to new positions using drag and drop
    - Playlist owner can modify playlist details or delete the playlist
    - Users can browse playlists, search them, or sort them using a variety of options
    Private Message System
    - Members can compose messages to one another / their friends using the built in message system (WYSIWYG editor)
    - Members receive messages for friend requests, media comments etc
    - Admins can set the number of messages that each user group can store
    - Progress bar to track the percentage of message space available
    - Members can add each other to their "friends list"
    - Friends can view each others media files which are set to "private"
    - Friends can be searched, or sorted individually by the first letter of their username
    - Ability to change top friends / set amount of top friends to display on profile
    - Ability to block members from viewing your profile or interacting with you
    - Members can post bulletins which are shown to the members on their "friends list"
    - Admins can post bulletins which are shown to all members
    - Latest bulletins are displayed on the "members home" page.
    Media Upload
    - Upload any type of media file or set restrictions on certain formats
    - Real-time upload progress bar with detailed statistics (No extra software required)
    - Automatic thumbnail generation for images and videos
    - Mobile Phone Upload: Members can upload media from their mobile phone using MMS
    Video Conversion
    - Ability to convert uploaded videos to FLV format
    - Background process video conversion (If enabled)
    - Setting: Auto delete original video on/off
    - Setting: Resize uploaded video on/off
    - Setting: Set video conversion quality
    Video Player
    - Users can email the playing video to their friend
    - Users are provided with a direct link to the video, or a code to embed the video
    - Slow motion on/off
    - Video smoothing allows user to set playback quality (Higher quality or faster viewing) on/off
    - Video preferences - Brightness, Contrast, Saturation
    - Admins can add advertisements which rotate and pop-up at random times during playback
    - Fullscreen option without the video restarting
    - Player guide which displays at the end of the video
    - Watermark can be added to any position on the player
    Video Commercials
    - Commercials can be set to play before or after videos
    - Supports jpg,gif,png,swf or flv
    - Commercial views are tracked
    - Commercials can be linked to any site
    Slave Servers / Server Balancing
    - Multiple servers can be added so media / videos are streamed from multiple servers
    - Slave servers require no additional files. Simply setup an FTP account on the server and it is ready to store media
    - Slave servers rotate randomly. You can have as many enabled as you wish at the one time.

    · MySQL (Version 4 or higher)
    · PHP (Version 4.3 or higher)
    · GD Library 2
    · Latest IonCube loaders

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    В верхнем правом углу есть поиск!


    UPD 13.02.2009:
    зачем мне просить перезалить? если я создавал тему с данным скриптом еще 17.08.2008, и до сих пор живой ссылкой...
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    заливал на потому что кроме него, на серве все файло обмненики заблочены были!!! так что не возмущяемся, а просто просим перезалить, сейчас уже все отлично )
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    А нет ли новее версии, ведь это нуль 2007 года.
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    Народ подскажите,установил я этот скрипт у меня возникла проблема с заливкой файлов на сервер.Видео файлы при заливки на сайт, заливаются на сам сайт, а на ftp в папку files(куда он должен их перемещать автоматически, после заливке на сайт) не заливаются.Подскажите в чем может быть проблема?Ге мне нужно и что изменить, чтобы исправить эту проблему.
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    А какой смысл от этого скрипта, если он не работает как положено? У него помоему папки не хватает с админкой
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