Making Enterprise Risk Management Pay Off --*English

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    14 сен 2006
    Making Enterprise Risk Management Pay Off:
    This book takes you behind the scenes at companies that are leading the way in developing and deploying enterprise risk management. You'll learn how they're developing new tools for identifying today's new risks; how they're improving the accuracy of their risk assessments and recalibrating their responses-and how enterprise risk management can identify not just debacles and "downsides," but breakthrough growth opportunities as well.
    • Making risk management strategic, not defensive From "control" to "value enhancement"
    • Enterprise risk management: Integrated, continuous, and broadly focused Moving risk management out of its traditionally disconnected "silos": how to do it, and why you must
    • New tools for identifying, ranking, and measuring risks Leading-edge approaches from Chase Manhattan, Microsoft, DuPont, Unocal, and other leaders
    • Risk management in an era of unprecedented, unrelenting change Managing the risks of globalization, interdependence, technological and marketplace change, and political and socioeconomic uncertainty.
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