Film Production Management 3rd Ed --*English

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    14 сен 2006
    Film Production Management 3rd Ed:
    Film Production Management details the steps involved in bringing a screenplay to the screen: organizing, staffing, budgeting, scheduling, securing locations, shooting and post production. In addition to offering practical, hands-on help in dealing with each of these steps, this book also covers such issues as contracts, unions, working permits, and insurance. Sample forms used by the production manager are also included. Although it is not about film financing, it includes information on how to work within smaller budgets, enhancing its appeal to independent film makers. This book is primarily for students and film professionals seeking a career change within the film industry, or who find themselves performing some of the tasks outlined within these pages. This edition will include a number of revisions and updates, as well as new chapters on film festivals and marketing, training and schools, and use of the Internet. Includes sample forms used by production managers.
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