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  1. mitter


    14 сен 2006
    Go It Alone:
    His engaging, if optimistic, primer insists that you don't need much capital, or much risk-taking, to start a business. Indeed, according to Yale School of Management professor Judson, author of Netmarketing and himself the founder of several allegedly successful small firms, the time has never been better for start ups. With the Internet now offering every business service under the sun through online companies, solo entrepreneurs can — and must — outsource almost every aspect of their business and concentrate on leveraging their "unique skills". Judson lays out a number of useful rules of thumb (chief among them - don’t give up your day job until your business is profitable) illustrated by case studies of successful businesses, from which readers can glean enlightening tips on marketing, fee structures and customer management. Less helpful are his recommendations for figuring out what an entrepreneur’s unique skills actually are, as he relies on fuzzy introspective koans like "Find Your Source of Personal Energy". Interspersed is much motivational material on taking the first step, finding a way around obstacles, following your passion and facing down your fear. The book is not a step-by-step how-to, and its assurance that readers can beat the daunting odds against small business start-up success by avoiding typical mistakes is rather rose-colored, but those determined to take the plunge will find a good deal of easily digestible food for thought.

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