Putting Biotechnology to Work --*English

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    14 сен 2006
    Putting Biotechnology to Work:
    The United States has dominated the discovery phase of biology and laid the groundwork for commercialization of biotechnology. Biotechnology-derived products already affect human health, nutrition, and environmental improvement and will grow to provide new products and employment in new industries. Worldwide markets for biotechnology-derived products are projected to grow to at least $50 billion per year within the next 10 years, and our global trading partners are concentrating their resources on translating the discoveries of biology into economically viable products through bioprocess engineering. Bioprocess engineering is the sub discipline within biotechnology that is responsible for translating life-science discoveries into practical products, processes, or systems capable of serving the needs of society. It is critical in moving newly discovered bioproducts into the hands of the consuming public. Although the United States has nurtured the discovery phase of biotechnology, it has not been aggressive in developing bioprocess engineering.

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