Risk and Financial Management --*English

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    14 сен 2006
    Risk and Financial Management:
    This book seeks to provide therefore, in a readable and perhaps useful manner, the basic elements or economic language of financial risk management, mathematical and computational finance, laying them bare to both students and traders. All great theories are based on simple philosophical concepts, that in some circumstances may not withstand the test of reality. Yet, we adopt them and behave accordingly for they provide a framework, a reference model, inspiring the required confidence that we can rely on even if there is not always something to stand on. An outstanding example might be complete markets and options valuation – which might not be always complete and with an adventuresome valuation of options. Market traders make seemingly risk-free arbitrage profits that are in fact model-dependent. They take positions whose risk and rewards we can only make educated guesses at, and make venturesome and adventuresome decisions in these markets based on facts, fancy and fanciful interpretations of historical patterns and theoretical–technical analyses that seek to decipher things to come.

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