The Economics of Risk --*English

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    14 сен 2006
    The Economics of Risk:
    This book contains chapters that address various aspects of risk. Two chapters deal with risk directly by looking at risk management and how it is applied to decision making, or by assessing what researchers have learned over the last few decades in their theoretical investigations of risk. The other chapters look at risk indirectly by examining markets in which risk has a significant presence. Casino gambling enterprises, agriculture markets, auctions, and health insurance markets are places where risk makes a considerable impact. A number of problems that result from risk in these markets and in the economy will also be addressed. Auction participants may feel the sting of the "winner's curse" when the object they are bidding on has uncertain value. Significant health issues and potential problems face those who are without health insurance. Risk incentive problems have plagued the Farm Bill, government's response to farmers to decrease the risk in agriculture. Problem and pathological gamblers make up a percentage of those who enter a casino establishment.
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