Operational Risk Control with Basel II --*English

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  1. mitter


    14 сен 2006
    Operational Risk Control with Basel II:
    Operational risk has a lot to do with the concepts that are at the basis of insurance. The modern world, as an integrated production system for economic and social goods and services, is no longer viable without properly functioning insurance solutions. Our actions depend on so many other actors and what they do, that questions of how to join these processes together with tolerable risk exposure have become a central preoccupation of society. Thus, today the insurance industry does not play the role of a standard widget-maker that simply produces a good or service and leaves it up to the market to decide whether to accept it or not. In a globalizing environment where risks are pushed increasingly onto the individual, insurance becomes an essential prerequisite for a modern service economy. Whether with regard to risks associated with the life or the non-life industry, it seems that we all need more and better insurance solutions to manage our existence. We also need, as Chorafas writes, a much better understanding about the operational risk that accompanies our actions and processes.

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