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  1. mitter


    14 сен 2006
    Adobe Illustrator CS2 at work Projects You Can Use:
    There are plenty of books available to teach you how to use the different tools that are a part of Adobe Illustrator CS2. But how many will actually show you how to work with the tools and techniques and apply them to real-world, relevant projects that you encounter every day at work? This one will. Adobe Illustrator CS2 at Work: Projects You Can Use on the Job is a project-based guide that will help you complete workplace projects while you learn how to use Illustrator CS2. Detailed, well-explained instructions will help you accomplish job-related tasks, including:
    • Designing and working with logos.
    • Designing corporate identity materials.
    • Illustrating a poster.
    • Designing product packaging.
    • Designing a trifold brochure.
    • Designing a magazine advertisement.
    • Designing a DVD package, label and menu.
    • Designing a website.
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