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  1. alexbg

    alexbg Писатель

    25 ноя 2006

    RegexBuddy is your perfect companion for working with regular expressions.
    Easily create regular expressions that match exactly what you want. Clearly
    understand complex regexes written by others. Quickly test any regex on
    sample strings and files, preventing mistakes on actual data. Debug without
    guesswork by stepping through the actual matching process. Use the regex
    with source code snippets automatically adjusted to the particulars of your
    programming language. Collect and document libraries of regular expressions
    for future reuse. GREP (search-and-replace) through files and folders.
    Integrate RegexBuddy with your favorite searching and editing tools for
    instant access.

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    pw: theseekersoasis.org
  2. angelss

    angelss Писатель

    6 дек 2008
    RegexBuddy 3.3.0

    New features:

    * Copy/Paste: Delphi Prism strings. Delphi Prism supports double-quoted multi-line strings in addition to the traditional single-quoted single-line Delphi strings.
    * Copy/Paste: Groovy strings, which supports 'string', "string", '''string''', """string""", and /regex/
    * Forum: Links in the help file to start a conversation on a particular help topic, or to join an existing conversation on that topic.
    * Forum: RSS feeds for a all groups, one whole group, conversations the user participated in, conversations the user started, and individual conversations.
    * Replace: Insert ASCII character.
    * Replace: Insert non-printable characters \n, \t, \r.
    * Replace: Insert Unicode character.
    * Use: Delphi Prism source code snippets.
    * Use: Groovy source code snippets.


    * Create: The ASCII character and Unicode character items in the Insert Token menu are now also available for flavors that do not support ASCII and Unicode character escapes. For those flavors, literal characters are inserted.
    * Debug: If the cursor is at the end of the line, scrolling vertically should automatically scroll horizontally too to keep the ends of as many lines as possible visible.
    * Debug: Stricter catastrophic backtracking detection for the regex debugger than normally used by the regex engine in RegexBuddy and other Just Great Software products, to make sure it doesn't run out of memory. Catastrophic backtracking causes excessive memory usage in the debugger, because the debugger has to keep track of all steps of the matching process. The normal regex engine uses very little memory, because it immediately discards backtracking positions that can no longer lead to a match.
    * Forum: Context menu with cut/copy/paste etc. for the box where you type in your message.
    * Forum: Messages are now shown with their original post date and last edited date, rather than just the last edited date.
    * History: Adjust the column widths each time a regex is added, deleted, moved, or renamed.
    * Test: Highlighting of regex matches is now updated instantly when editing the regular expression, instead of after a 2-second delay.
    * Test: Results should not scroll back to the top when they are automatically updated.
    * Test: Significantly improved the responsiveness of the Test tab when editing the test subject while highlighting and/or automatically updating the results of a complex regular expression.
    * Test: The message "The regular expression does not match the test subject" is now followed by the notice "Because you set the test scope to "line by line", RegexBuddy will not find any regex matches that span across lines" if the test scope is set to "line by line", and the regular expression includes tokens that can match line breaks.

    Bug fixes:

    * Create: Regex tree nodes explaining a negated character class with a single token such as [^x] had a duplicate particle in their English sentences.
    * GREP: Opening a .rbg file created with RegexBuddy 2.x caused RegexBuddy 3 to claim the file is not a RegexBuddy GREP file. RegexBuddy 3 can open Library and GREP files saved by RegexBuddy 2. RegexBuddy 2 will not be able to open those files again after you've modified them with RegexBuddy 3.
    * GREP: Settings on the GREP tab were not preserved, even when that option was turned on in the Preferences (3.2.1 only).
    * Paste: Paired regex delimiters (), {}, [], and <> were not handled correctly when pasting a PHP preg string.
    * Paste: When pasting a Perl operators using flags other than /ismx RegexBuddy ignored all flags after the first flag that is not one of /ismx.
    * Regex: In certain specific situations where a regex used the same shorthand character class twice with a flavor that only includes ASCII characters in the shorthand, RegexBuddy did not backtrack the shorthands correctly.
    * Regex: Optional tokens at the end of a group nested inside another group were not backtracked correctly. E.g. ((\d{2,5}\s?){2,})\b matches 087 33 instead of 087 33 77 in 087 33 77 (notice the extra space at the end of the subject).
    * Test: [\W] (non-word-characters inside a character class) matched a few letters with regex flavors where \w includes only ASCII characters, if you turned on the case insensitive option.
    * Test: [\x41-\x5A] did not match lowercase letters and [\x61-\x7A] did not match uppercase letters when used in a character class with the case insensitivity option turned on.
    * Test: Regular expressions that start with a lookbehind and have capturing groups sometimes showed "ghost" matches for capturing groups that did not participate in the regex match.
    * Use: Escaped spaces and hash symbols in free-spacing regular expressions lost their backslashes.
    * Use: Regular expressions using Unicode properties \p{} were not properly converted to the Java flavor.

    Интерфейс: английский
    Размер:11,1 mb
    Лекарство в архиве!

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    3 фев 2007
    В первом посте пароль к архиву не подходит, во втором все гут
  4. satih


    19 сен 2008
    Нашел на ру-боард, респект Androgen_Belkin (с руборда)
    От себя, проверил на виртуалке, все работает. Сделал папку портабельной проги, из RegexBuddy.3.3.0.Cracked-PCL, кому надо, залито тут, без паролей:
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    15 июн 2007
    RegexBuddy 3.4.0
  6. alextan

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    12 мар 2007
    RegexBuddy 3.5.0 retail
    pass: nulled
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    21 ноя 2008
  8. idimka


    31 авг 2007
    RegexBuddy.v3.5.4 (от 4 ноября 2011)
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    Для справки: Уже появилась версия 3.5.5, от 22 мрата 2012 года.
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