vBulletin 3.8.0 Release Candidate 2

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  1. Uzz

    Uzz Постоялец

    3 янв 2007

    If you are not fully at home with backing-up and restoring your forum, dealing with bugs and regular upgrades, DO NOT INSTALL THIS VERSION

    It is time for the second release candidate of 3.8. Primarily, this addresses issues that have been reported since the previous release candidate.

    However, it does add one small feature: the "Use Remote YUI" option now lets you specify Yahoo! or Google as the provider. If your board is accessed using SSL, the Google-provided files will automatically be requested via SSL as well (preventing browser warnings). The Yahoo!-provided files do not have this option.

    We would like to thank all customers who have taken part in the beta/RC process and especially those who have filed bug reports. Please continue to do so during the Release Candidate stage, so that we can make 3.8.0 as bug-free as possible.

    Customers running older versions of vBulletin 3.8.0 should upgrade as soon as possible, to ensure that any known problems are eliminated.

    There is an extensive blog post by Darren that showcases some of the new features and improvements that have been made to vBulletin 3.8.0.

    In addition, the scheduled release of 3.7.5 has been pushed back until January 6th because of the holidays. See this blog post.

    What does Release Candidate mean?
    Release Candidate, or RC for short, means that we believe vBulletin 3.8 will be ready to be declared a "stable" and "supported" supported release once it has undergone some final testing. The only known bugs that may remain are trivial.

    RCs will be released until only trivial bugs are being fixed. Once this happens, the next stage is to move on to "gold" or, as it's officially known, 3.8.0.

    This is still pre-release software. If you are not fully at home with backing-up and restoring your forum, dealing with bugs and regular upgrades, do not install this version but rather wait for the final, 3.8.0 version.

    Customers should bear in mind that this is a release candidate, not a certified 'stable' release so the following caveats apply:

    * Pre-release software is unsupported and you install beta and RC versions at your own risk.
    * Some minor bugs remain unresolved at this time, so pre-release software should not be on production sites.
    * You should always back up your database fully before attempting to install pre-release software.
    * If you choose to install this version, you should be aware that we plan to release new RC versions in rapid succession as bugs are fixed and holes are plugged. Do not install this RC version if you are not willing or able to keep up-to-date with new releases.
    * The ImpEx import system does not support the 3.8 code yet, and will not support it until the release of 3.8.0 (stable).

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    Release Date : 12/24/2008

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