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  1. dantess

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    osTube is the ideal choice for your uniquely styled online venture. Our Enterprise Edition provides you an individually customized version of the osTube framework as well as full-service for your project incl. administration and hosting services.

    osTube Enterprise is the perfect solution, if you want to ...
    - take your company's customer-relations to a new level
    - provide your advertising partners with new means of value-aggregation
    - put your own innovative idea into reality

    The Enterprise Edition is not a standard product. It is intended for people that require new features to be integrated into osTube or that even require a completely new form of an osTube-based website.

    Feature List:

    Multilingual: English/German included by default
    Fully CSS/XHTML based template (Smarty Template Engine)
    Two default templates included (black & white)
    Graphics/Layout can be adjusted from within the website itself
    Choose your site's unique color-scheme at the control-panel
    Upload you own logo using the site's control-panel
    Dynamic positioning of all front-/community-page elements (Ajax, Drag'n'Drop)
    It is possible to publish videos, photos, sounds, and documents
    Graphical display of upload-progress (Ajax-based progress-bar)
    Videos are automatically converted into Flash-video-format (FLV)
    Choose from various pre-set conversion-quality levels
    Assign your own thumbnails to content uploaded by you
    Dynamic display of all members currently online
    Integrated invitation-feature for inviting you friends and collegues
    Integrated messaging-system for contacting other members
    Every user has his own private guest-book on the profile-page
    Personal bookmark-list stores all content-types
    User-profile can be styled according to your individual preferences
    User-profile can be hidden
    Media push-services using RSS, e.g. to be notified about new uploads
    Embeddable Flash-player, lets other sites/blogs integrated your content
    Integrated blog with commenting-feature
    Media can be made accessible only to certain users
    Content can be grouped into categories
    User-management (login, registration, account-settings)
    News about osTube are displayed on the control-panel's front-page
    Restricted control-panel (content-/user-management, statistics)
    Photos and videos can also be tagged (described using keywords)
    Flash-player can be branded with you own logo
    Other user's uploads can be rated and commented
    Member-search with various filter options (e.g. age, origin, interests, etc.)
    Profil-editor enables members to create their own profiles
    Group-management (establishment, messaging, administration)
    Social bookmarking (oneview, Lycos iQ, del.icio.us, digg, Mister Wong, YiGG, BlinkList, Webnews)
    A shoutbox on the front-page provides a 1-liner chat
    Two different types of tag-clouds (Flash and HTML)
    Space for additional editorial content provided on many pages
    Improved search can be used to search through the entire site-content
    A statistic shows which other sites are linking to a certain item on the website
    Re-design and extension of the community-area
    Display the number of visits to an user-profile
    Display the number of visits to a specific item
    History-view shows the items recently accessed by an user
    Control-panel supports rights management
    Entire framework is search-engine-optimized to ensure high rankings
    Improved control-panel interface structure
    Detailed user- and item-centered statistics
    Can also be installed without video conversion modules
    Quick-setup PDF-guide
    Free access to our support board
    NEW: search machine friendly URLs (clean-URLs)
    NEW: The Offline-Mode is switchable through the administrator
    Integration of customized features like:
    Live-streaming, HDTV, IPTV solutions
    Payment solutions, mobile up-/download
    Online marketing and paid content
    Server-cluster solutions incl. hosting, monitoring, maintenance, backup
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