AD Peeps v6.6

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  1. kassab

    kassab Постоялец

    8 апр 2006
    ¦ Script Name : AD Peeps v6.6
    ¦ Homepage :
    ¦ Nullified by : LordShoa (STN)
    ¦ Tested by : LordShoa (STN)
    ¦ Protection : License/Expiry/Hotlinks
    ¦ Demo :
    ¦ Release date : 03/24/2006
    ¦ Release type : PHP/MySQL
    ¦ Price : N/A

    Ad Peeps is a banner rotator and text ad rotator - all in one that allows you to track a variety of GIF, JPG, PNG, FLASH and text ads on your website. This powerful php banner rotator is faster than phpadsnew, provides highly detailed statistics to you and your advertisers and capable of delivering 500,000+ impressions per day on a typical shared web server.

    Ad Peeps is so versatile that it can even show your text ads Yahoo! Style or Google AdWords Style. Unlike many other banner ad rotator programs, Ad Peeps was skillfully designed to use minimal server resources while maintaining speed and unparalleled performance. Built on a highly scalable and versatile database architecture, Ad Peeps works with ease even on high-trafficked web sites.

    With just one copy of Ad Peeps, you can serve advertisements on as many of your websites as you like. In addition, whenever new updates are released, Ad Peeps can detect them and automatically update itself.
  2. goodvin

    goodvin Человек-Волшебник

    27 июн 2006
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