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  1. nostrand

    nostrand Постоялец

    23 сен 2006
    I've not checked one by one, but they all came from several people that I trust, so I believe that they are safely nulled.
    Test them out.


    Affiliate Network Pro 7.4.0
    all scriptz
    Domain Trader v2.1
    Easy Banner Pro 2.8
    Extreme Executive Limited Edition v7.0 (by request, not fully working). TextAds 1.0
    Million Pixel Script
    Photokorn 1.52
    php Link Directory 3.0
    Text Exchange Pro 3.0
    Vivvo CMS v3.4.0
    Yabsoft Mega File Hosting Script v1.0


    AD Peeps v6.6 (Ad management like Google Adsense Yahoo ads)
    Ad Peeps is a banner rotator and text ad rotator - all in one that allows you to track a variety of GIF, JPG, PNG, FLASH and text ads on your website. This powerful php banner rotator is faster than phpadsnew, provides highly detailed statistics to you and your advertisers and capable of delivering 500,000+ impressions per day on a typical shared web server Affiliate Network Pro 7.4.0
    AlstraSoft Affiliate Network Pro is the next generation affiliate network software solution that allows you to start your own successful affiliate network just like LinkShare and Commission Junction. If you are looking to run your own network of merchants and affiliates or simply start an affiliate program for your company, then Affiliate Network Pro is the right solution for you!

    All scripts [RETAIL]
    Check Перейти по ссылке for demos, and more info.

    200k Keywords $99.99
    All 3 AdSense Ebooks $9.99
    Adsense Empire - AdSense Profits - AdSense Revenue Exposed API $9.99
    AdBie Keywords Catalog 2 $59.99
    General Template no.1 BLUE $19.98
    General Template no.1 GREEN $19.98
    General Template no.1 RED $19.98
    General Template no.2 $19.98
    Real Estate Template no.1 $29.98
    Travel Template no.1 $29.98
    NewsWeb Creator Multicolor $79.98
    AdBie Search Engine Website (LiTE + PRO) $59.98

    Diesel Job Site
    One of the most popular services on the web is resume posting and job search websites. This is your chance to provide these services to the vast audience of job seekers. This script allows job seekers to post their resumes and search job postings for free and employers pay a fee to post jobs and search the resumes online. You could be the next HotJobs!

    Domain Trader v2.1
    Domain Trader is a domain parking script which is integrated with a powerful domain auction module to allow users to make offers on domains marked for sale. Domain Trader was designed to provide domain professionals with the opportunity to offer a complete domain portfolio management service to customers worldwide.
    Unlike it's competition, this popular software comes complete with it's own state of the art domain parking module, which gives users the ability to park their domains and keep track of their PPC revenue profits. The domain parking module keeps full statistics for each parked domain, including views, clicks, CTR (click-thru rate), RPC (revenue per click) and total revenue earnt. Domains can be optimized by entering a specific keyword related to that particular domain, so that targeted adverts can be displayed on the parking page.
    Domain Trader has a built in auction system, which allows potential buyers to make offers on domains that are for sale. Users are able to categorize their domains for sale and also supply "Minimum offer" and "Asking price" values for each domain. It also has a Page Rank and Link Popularity checker.

    Easy Banner Pro 2.8
    Easy Banner Pro is an advanced and very easy to use PHP script for running your own banner exchange system. Members of the banner exchange show banners on their sites and in return their own banners are displayed across the banner exchange. You, as the owner of the banner exchange take part of the banner impressions (you can choose the part, usually 30-50%) for promotion your own site or for sale. The script supports unlimited number of banner sizes and each user can have an unlimited number of banners (however administrator can limit this number). Easy Banner Pro supports these formats: gif, jpg, png and swf (Flash), plain HTML ads. It has a lot of advanced features, for example templates (all pages are editable in any HTML editor), real time graphical statistic, free and paid accounts and many more.

    Extreme Executive Limited Edition. v7.0
    Most of this script will not work, but since it was requested so often, you may want to have it. You can use it's inbuilt directory system, and perhaps dmoz, along with ppc, and amazon. MSN will not work properly.
    The Executive Engine can search Audios, Encyclopedias, Images, News, amazon shopping, meta search and more! It has Quick View, Search Engine Friendly URLS, thumbnail photos, cached pages, spider, and easy to use templates. It can get results from Msn, Dmoz, Revenue Pilot, ePilot, Ah-Ha, Look Quick, SearchFeed and so many more. It has security features like ip firewall, regional, host blocking. There is a built in newsletter system and easy to use admin. Get payments from a wide number of online credit card vendors. Includes free installation on the same day you purchase. This engine will blow away your competition. Get it working for you today. TextAds 1.0
    This is a CPM (not CPC/CPA) advertising system.
    Text Ads allows you to sell text advertisement spots on your website automatically and hands free.
    Advertisments are text based and look similar to Google Adwords, tho they are fully customizable.
    Now visitors to your website can create their own Adwords-like ad box for display on your website. Their ad is activated automatically after they complete a Paypal purchase. You can create any number of impression-based advertisement plans then all you have to do is place the ad box somewhere on your website and Text Ads will take care of the rest from providing your advertiser with the offer to advertise on your website, to advertisement campaign creation, to activation, billing and finally deactivation of an ad campaign when its impressions run out.
    Unlike Adwords however TextAds offers impression based advertisement packages, clients can pay for and activate their ads instantly with Paypal.
    Each client receives their own control panel in which they can create, edit and activate multiple campaigns. The client control panel includes easy registration and password recovery features
    You can define the number of ads to display at one time, Text Ads will cycle through the list of active ads and select at random which to display you have more active ads then ad spots.
    Administrators can edit, activate, de-activae and reset client campaigns, view and email and delete clients. Administrators can also place their own ads from within administration.
    Text Ads lets you pre-create the ad packages to offer your clients, you define the number of impressions and the price for that package. Million Pixel Script 3.0
    With this fully automatic script from texmedia you can create as many different pixel grids as you want and conveniently and easily manage them online. There are a great number of features in the program that allows you a wide latitude in managing the grids and in the design and layout to match existing website pages. By having your own Million Dollar Homepage like Alex Tew, you can create and manage a marketing website, photo gallery, charity site, a graphical link exchange and other similar webiste add-ons.
    Once installed and activated, the Million Pixel Script will be working for you. The program is intuitive and easyh the user to manage without any knowledge of programming, nor does it require any coding. After the installation, your own new pixel grid website is ready for visitors and can be customized to match your existing website through online administration via a browser. Advanced users can also use this script to fully integrate it into website projects, creating unique and function pixel grid webpages.

    Photokorn Media Gallery 1.52
    A highly configurable PHP Media/Image gallery script, with very easy integration into your existing website. Main features: autom. thumbnail and medium sized image creation. User rating system, E-cards, Streaming for Movies, Hotlist, Bulk upload and directory scan functions, integrated Zip libraries, Admin log and stats, English, German, Italian, Dutch and Danish language, unlimited categories and subcategories. Easy colour and style settings. Works with GD1, GD2 or ImageMagick.

    Php Link Directory 3.0
    phpLD is now the most widely used directory script on the internet. Our customers having tested the script on over 10,000 websites has allowed us to bring you a script that works in virtually all PHP hosting environments. Put simply, it just works.
    Another great advantage of phpLD is the number of templates and mods available. There are complete sites devoted to mods and templates, so in addtion to this site, you will find lots of helpful information elsewhere too. There is no shortage of people available to help you find success with your directory.

    PHP Pro Bid 5.24
    PHP Pro Bid is the most powerful auction software package on the market. It's features alone surpass any other Auction software. Ideally suited to mall-Medium Businesses PHP Pro Bid enables you to start up your very own eBay style web auction service. Installation is simple and takes a matter of minutes! You can control every aspect of the web-site via the PHP Pro Bid Admin control panel.

    RevSense 2.0
    Requires safe mode off, and register globals on.
    Very nice script, but a bit unsecure, due to the fact that register globals must be on...
    RevSense makes the process of selling, managing and rotating text, rich media and plain old banners on your websites easy. It tracks impressions, clickthroughs and orders.
    Advertisers can visit your site, upload banners or construct text ads, and pay for them with a credit card -- all without any intervention from you.
    You can download RevSense here, and install it on your Linux, UNIX, Windows or OS X webserver, and be open for business, all in the same afternoon.

    Text Exchange Pro 3.0
    Text Exchange Pro is an unique PHP script for running your own text link exchange system. Your users display links/ads of other users on their pages and in return their own links are displayed across the exchange network. You, as the owner of the exchange system take part of the impressions (you can choose the part, usually 30-50%) for promotion your own site or for sale. The script supports unlimited number of ad sizes and each user can have an unlimited number of ads (however administrator can limit this number).
    It has a lot of advanced features, for example templates (all pages are editable in any HTML editor), real time graphical statistic, free and paid accounts and many more.

    Vivvo CMS v3.4.0
    Vivvo CMS is a news, article and media publishing software that helps you create a full website easily. It gives you the power to create different layouts and different styles for each section of the site, different groups of people to help you manage your content with the built-in privilege system, and above all ultimate Search Engine ranking capability.

    Yabsoft Mega File Hosting Script v1.0
    Mega File Hosting Script is an advance file hosting service that allows your customers to upload large files to your server and email the file download link to their recipients.
    With MFH script,you can build a popular file hosting site in minutes.By providing quality services to your customers,you can also earn profits through avdertisement show on download pages.
    The MFH script provide a number of unique features including support multiple server feature, advanced download manager, PayPal integration, faq & newsletters. All of this goes orientation to revenue generating. It not only have a friendly front-end,it also build a great backend to admin site.And it is very easy to integrate into your website!

    ALL in One:
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