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    29 дек 2006

    The one investment that pays for itself many times over in restored performance and hardware life is Diskeeper with InvisiTasking. Once installed, Diskeeper invisibly and automatically maintains performance from that day forward. Performance is consistently maximized, hardware life is lengthened and costly upgrades and refreshes are delayed. Diskeeper is the IT solution for tough financial times.
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    Diskeeper 2009 features automatic defragmentation, which means fragmentation is now solved as it occurs, in real time. It is possible to defragment hard drives without clumsy or long maintenance processes. Scheduled defragmentation processes (robbing valuable IT hours) are a thing of the past.

    And, with the new InvisiTasking technology, defragmentation is done transparently. There is now zero resource conflict because Diskeeper 2009 only utilizes untapped, unused resources to defrag your volumes. PC performance and productivity are never impacted by the consolidation of free space on your drives.

    Our new defrag engines handle crippling levels of file fragmentation; solving millions of fragments across multiple volume and file types. Peak performance is always maintained. Even on systems with as little as 1% free space available, Diskeeper defragments files, restores performance and renews reliability. Diskeeper gives maximum system performance, speed and reliability at all times, even if your system suffers from extreme fragmentation.

    Diskeeper 2009 is the most intelligent real-time defragmenter ever built. Automatic file system performance soars once this ground-breaking automatic defragmentation software is installed.

    Don’t let the economic crisis become an IT crisis. Put Diskeeper with InvisiTasking to work in your company—and put performance and reliability problems behind you.

    Diskeeper with InvisiTasking
    Maximizing Performance and Reliability—Automatically®

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