Myspace Mp3 Gopher v2.9.1

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    Myspace Mp3 Gopher v2.9.1

    Myspace Mp3 Gopher v2.9.1

    Here is how the software works.

    1. Open Myspace MP3 Gopher
    2. Enter the Friend ID via Myspace URL
    3. Click Get Song List
    4. Click Settings
    5. Click Default (To randomize the ports)
    6. Double click the song in the list
    7. Save the File to your desktop
    8. Wait until the Flash player is fully loaded
    9. Then press the "Download" button
    10. Then press the play button.

    NOTE: Myspace Mp3 Grabber only works if there is a playlist on the page. (Has to be some sort of music page.)

    If you encounter a message on the Myspace player that states. ERROR CONNECTING simply continue to try, or go back to step 5...and try once again.

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