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    27 апр 2006
    Resco Media Suite - сборник программ, состоящий из Explorer 2008, Photo Viewer 2007 Standard Edition, Audio Recorder and Pocket Radio.

    Overview: Now you have the unique opportunity to have resco the best selling products: Explorer 2007, Photo Viewer 2007 Standard Edition, Audio Recorder and Pocket Radio all in one suite

    Resco Explorer 2008:
    The ever popular file manager once again brings something new with the 2008 version,
    including the following functions:
    Full Touch Optimization:
    Navigate through your files easily using your finger.
    Letter Bar Navigation:
    Features the letter preview of the files you would like to access.
    Virtual Folders For All Documents:
    Very useful when looking for files of the same type.
    Quick Search Function:
    Instantly search for files you need by typing in the starting letters.

    Photo Viewer 2007:
    Photo ViewerTurn your Pocket PC into a Digital Photo Album. Resco Picture Viewer has ability to quickly display images of file formats: RAB, BMP, 2BP, JPG, JPE, JPEG, GIF, PCX, PCD, TIF, TIFF.
    Action button, or stylus manipulation, zoom, rotation, slide show and many other fantastic features make this product

    Audio Recorder:
    * a must-have and easy to use application with real-time MP3 voice recording capability
    * the compact and ergonomic design gives it an outstanding price/performance ratio
    * suitable for any use including business, study, fun and language learning
    * implemented Voice Activation System (VAS)
    * allows you to record while the display is switched off (saves battery during recording)
    * allows you to mark parts of recordings with TAGS and save these tags
    * allows you to schedule recording yerd

    Pocket Radio:
    * player for internet streaming radio broadcasting in MP3 or Ogg Vorbis format
    * recorder for MP3 streams capable of recording to a storage card
    * skin enabled, easy-to-use user interface with 9 preset buttons for fast radio tuning
    * scheduler for recording of regular radio programs
    * extensive list of predefined radio stations with the most popular stations from all over the world
    * optimized for Windows Mobile 2003 SE with full QVGA/VGA portrait/landscape support

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