Fantomas Shadowmaker, $2,780 Script

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    Fantomas Shadowmaker, $2,780 Script
    Prime Search Engine Optimization Issue

    More often than not, cloaking or IP delivery is a must for those companies whose web sites offer very little of what search engine spiders have always preferred ever since they were invented: text content.

    Some typical examples:

    * your web site is made up primarily of dynamically generated content
    * your setup consists primarily of catalog pages featuring short product descriptions, price tags and a shopping cart system.
    * Beyond this, your textual content is limited to category headers, product names, order codes, etc.
    * your web site is rich in graphics
    * your web site features Flash code
    * your web site features Real Video
    * your web site features audio streams
    * your web site features Quickview code
    * your web site features Shockwave code
    * your web site features Java applets
    * your web site navigation is JavaScript biased
    * your web site requires cookies e.g. to determine which content to display to whom and when
    * your web site is organized via a Content Management System, generating non-standard URLs, visitor tracking string, session codes, etc.

    In all these cases, search engine spiders have preciously little to go on in their quest to determine what your web site is actually about — and as a webmaster, you for your part don't have a lot of leeway to inoculate your pages with the keywords and search phrases you are targeting. Considering that you're in a highly competitive environment with thousands of other sites offering very similar programs, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that your chances at achieving good-to-excellent search engine rankings are practically zero!

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