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  1. dantess

    dantess Прохожие

    TS Special Edition 5.1 Nulled Decoded

    We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of TS SE 5.1. This version includes a number of new

    features and enhancements as well as a few bug fixes. The main features/changes include:

    Added: TSF Forums: SEO to TSF Forums. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the

    volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via "natural" ( "organic" or

    "algorithmic" ) search results for targeted keywords.
    Added: TSF Forums: Multiple attachments and types (types defined by admin in Setting Panel)

    Added: Tracker: TS Special Lottery Script. This script allow admin to create a raffle/lottery, assign how

    much money a ticket costs, what percentage of users win, the duration, and much more.
    Added: Tracker: Birthday Reward System (Change torrent status to Free, Silver or Double on user birthday,

    controllable in setting panel).
    Added: Tracker: Automatic Free-Leech System which will allow you to change torrents type to Free, Silver

    or Double. (Torrent types and the duration defined by admin in Setting Panel).
    Added: Tracker: Quick Edit Torrent Name on Browse page.
    Added: Tracker: Link to show Invite Link on Invite Page and Default Invite message.
    Added: Tracker: Default registration usergroup at signup, controllable via the setting panel.
    Added: Tracker: NFO view in details page.
    Added: Tracker: Hit and Run warning system in details page.
    Added: Tracker: Show extra details for each peer in details page such as IP, port etc..

    Added: Staff Panel: Manage Avatars Tool which will allow you to scan, delete, resize uploaded user

    Added: Global: Double Click to scroll up (top)..
    Added: New automatic log features.
    Added: A few performance and security functions/features.

    Changed: Global: New Navigation (dropdown) menu which is more useful.
    Changed: Global: New notification feature for system messages.
    Changed: Tracker: TS Search Cloud re-coded which is more stable.

    Removed: For performance reasons, Save User Client feature removed.

    Fixed: IE7 bugs on details, forums and browse page.
    Fixed: All other known bugs has been fixed.

    Instructions for new installs are included in the distribution files in the installation script. For

    those upgrading, please make sure you check the distribution instructions in readme-upgrade.html, and

    then run the install script.

    We STRONGLY recommend that all users upgrade to v5.1 so their tracker is running a more stable and secure

    version of the TS v5 series.

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    23 июн 2006
    А может знаешь ссылку, по которой можно глянуть демку реально работающего на этом портала?
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    На локалке :D Все нормально работает
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