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  1. dantess

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    Mega File Manager by

    Download Link -->*5

    Home -->
    Demo Client -->

    Demo Admin -->

    Admin Username: administrator
    Admin Password: administrator911

    User Front Features:
    • Complete user management system, including:
      • User registration, login and forgot password pages.
      • User private messaging.
      • User profile page.
      • Custom user avatars and signature.
      • BBCode/Smilies enabled comments.
      • Ability to participate in adding movies, links, downloads and files.
    • Complete file management system, including:
      • Torrent system: peers, snatchers and related info.
      • Edonkey files.
      • Album based: based on images, interactive slideshow system.
      • Movie streaming: Quicktime, Windows Media Player, Real Audio and Flash movies.
      • File download system.
      • Remote file/movie linkage.
      • YouTube, GoogleVideo, Dailymotion and custom HTML movies addons.
    • Random Tags.
    • User invitation system.
    • User report/send to a friend options.
    • Related files, files from same user and extensive search options.
    • Site Stats page.
    Extensive Administration End:
    • Easy to install (automatic or manual).
    • Complete and Easy to use Control Panel.
    • General configuration:
      • Change website variables: Meta tags, emails, names and owner information.
      • Enable/Disable CAPTCHA.
      • Admin notification on: New Upload and/or File Edit.
    • Total Customization:
      • Custom extensive TOS, Privacy Policy and Contact Us pages reflecting general configuration.
      • Customizable email templates.
      • Customizable page template.
      • Customizable hidden footers.
      • Customizable contextual advertising pages.
      • Customizable similies folder.
    • Category configuration:
      • Unlimited trees.
      • Disable/Enable slideshow.
      • Disable/Enable category thumbnail images.
    • File configuration:
      • Limit file size limit.
      • Limit file extensions.
      • Limit file download speed.
      • Private files.
      • Require thumbnail for files.
      • File display limit.
      • Enable/Disable Tell A Friend,Contact, ratings, BBCode, related files or file comments.
      • Automatically approve/Admin supervision comments or ratings.
      • Custom image slide show sizes, category images, file images and avatars.
      • Enable/Disable Torrents, Albums, Movies, Links, downloads, etc.
    • User configuration:
      • Enable/Disable user registration.
      • Require/optionate email verification.
      • Set Maximum number of user registration.
      • Enable/Disable Private Messages/Emailing between users.
      • Default level "group" for new registrants.
    • Group configuration [supercedes general configurations]:
      • Set maximum file upload size.
      • Set allowed file extensions.
      • Set maximum file download speed.
      • Enable/Disable automatic file posting.
    • Invitation system:
      • Enable/Disable system.
      • Set allowed number of invitations for users.
      • Set unlimited invitations for certain group.
    • Banner configuration:
      • Add/Edit/Remove banners.
      • Banner hit stats.
      • Clickable/Display ads.
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