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  1. dantess

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    MiPhoto v2.0.8 Pro
    MiPhoto is a fully functional website where members can rate and meet other people. Members can see other member's profile, private message or email other member. MiPhoto Pro can easily be used as a dating website with the aid of the payment system and customized profile fields.

    demo - Перейти по ссылке


    Video Support NEW
    Members can upload videos as well as pictures. Most site do not support video uploads, but with this feature you can further attract users to your site rather than your competitors
    Template Driven
    MiPhoto is complete template driven. Because of this one can easily change the layout and design of the website if one knows HTML code. Templates can be edited via the Admin Panel, with any text editor or WYSIWUG program (eg Front Page)
    Multiple Categories
    Add multiple categories! If you want to use MiPhoto for rating something other than Girls or Guys, you can simple remove these categories and add as many categories as you would like.
    Language Packs
    Your site can be multilingual with the ability to add multiple languages easily.
    Theme Engine
    The Language Pack system doubles as a Theme Engine allowing your site to have multiple layout or color themes. Allowing your members to choose what design they like the best.
    Top/New Lists
    Show the members with the highest rating or show recent added members
    Block List
    Members can block other members from contacting them by adding them to their Block List
    Members can add their friends to their MiBuddies List for easy communication or just to let other know who their friends are
    Administration Panel
    Control the whole site from the Admin Panel
    Photo Approval
    Ability to turn approval of photo before it can be viewed by the public on/off
    Multiple User Photos
    Users can submitted multiple photos. The amount of photos allowed is controlled by the admin
    Photo Albums and Private Photo Albums
    Users can create Photo Albums to organize photos. Private Photo Albums allow member to only give certain users access to view certain Photo Albums.
    Rate Users or Photos
    A built-in rating system allows users to rate other users on a scale of 1 to 10 as a whole, or rate each of the user's photos seperately.
    Search Users
    Search thru users to find an old friend or a new one
    Private Message Users
    A built-in private message system allows users to send messages to each other privately without sending an email to the other user
    Email Users
    Allows users to email other users without revealing email addresses
    User Comments
    Users can post comments about other members
    A water marking feature allows the admin to put a logo on the picture.
    Image Thumbnails***
    Automatically create image thumbnails so photos can be used throughout the site while conserving space
    Rating Fraud Protection
    Built-in fraud protection stop users from voting for the same user more than once within a specified amount of time
    News System
    Easily add and edit site news via the Admin Panel
    Error Message
    Easily change error messages to a different language or text to better suite your needs
    Email Message
    Easily change email messages to a different language or text to better suite your needs
    Plugin System
    A new plugin system allows the ability to add additional features down the road
    Multiple Admins with Multi-level access
    Add additional administrators to help you administrate your site with different access levels so only those you trust to preform certain tasks may
    Plus More
    Check out the demo link above to see all the features

    Pro Version Additional Features

    Forum Plugin - NEW
    A integrated forum system allows members to communicate with each other. The advantage of an integrated forum system is that users will only have to register and login once at your site.
    Payment System
    The new payment system allows users to pay for access to the site. The payment can either be a subscription or one-time payment option. The admin can add as many options as they wish and can setup different levels of access to the site for each membership option. Curently, only PayPal and 2CheckOut are supported.
    Advertisement Management
    You can easily add advertisements to your site to generate additional revenue. You can set the start date and end date of an advertisement to automate the process of advertising
    Custom Profile Fields
    Custom profile fields allow admin to change what information is collected from the user.

    *** Requires GD Library Version 2.0.28+ to be compiled with PHP.

  2. WebeX


    8 фев 2007
    Нулл или как?
  3. dotsenko


    27 дек 2006
    нехватает файла config.php в папке include
    :confused:требует при установки key
  4. Schtirliz

    Schtirliz Постоялец

    6 апр 2006
    ТС я не могу понять почему в раздел RELEASE опубликовал вещь который не нулл и не постоянно требует установки ключа 7
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