Auto-Mega Script(full automated video,photos and,auction)

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    Auto-Mega Script(full automated video,photos and,auction)
    [​IMG]You may be asking yourself, what exactly is AUTOMEGA content? Well, first off, it is automated content, but not just from one source like most scripts out there available for webmasters to purchase. I am sure you have all seen scripts that use YouTube, Ebay, Amazon, Yahoo Answers feeds to create niche sites, (in fact we have even built and had a good deal of success with these in the past.) Those types of scripts are all over the internet by now and many are no longer performing as well in the search engines any longer, they are simply not providing enough well-rounded content for the specific niche you intend to go after. The problem is they are only single source automated scripts, with nothing else to really offer.

    Our recently developed AutoMegaScript is a php script that we developed using multiple feeds from many sources to create a single MEGA site. All the features of our past scripts mashed together to form a massive script with unlimited potential. The reason I say unlimited potential is just this, there is one more distinguishable feature with our AutoMegaScript that you do not get with your standard automated script. That is the ability to add unique content. Our latest script includes an ease to edit index page that can have anything included, unique articles, product reviews, photos, ANYTHING you can think of that will allow you to create additional unique content that can be mixed into a plethora of automated feeds so you can dominate your niche. And not only that it is absolutely simple to use. This script was tailored specifically for any webmaster to use, from the newbie to the professional and everyone else in between. You don't have to be a 'techie' to set these scripts up. As usual, we have included an extremely easy to edit admin panel and have included a helpful video tutorial to walk you through it all!

    Here are just some of the features we have to offer:

    * Includes multiple automated feeds from authority sites such as, YouTube, Flickr, Yahoo, Ebay, and Amazon
    * Make money via multiple streams - AdSense as well as Ebay and Amazon commissions!
    * Add your own banners for any other programs or affiliates you like promote in the easy to edit template system
    * Easy to edit admin area
    * Ability to add unique content
    * Dominate your niche with targeted pages
    * Thousands of pages created in seconds
    * Multiple templates available for those who don't understand html or css
    * Video tutorials to assist you in creating your sites
    * Add links to any sites you want without having to edit the template, just plug in the urls and go....

    DEMO @ Pass
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    9 авг 2007
    Перезалейте пожалуйста!!!
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    10 авг 2006
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