[Безопасность] StealthDisk Pro v3.4

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    StealthDisk is the most advanced folder and files hiding/locking utility in the market.
    While the rest of the hiding utilities hide folders or files by simply ordering the
    Operating System not to show them, StealthDisk hides folders and files using advanced
    technology causing the folders or files to be hidden even if StealthDisk or the Operating
    System is not running! That's right, even if your hard drive is moved to another computer!
    StealthDisk also includes new Internet Stealth features! Remove all traces of your online
    internet activities.

    - Supports Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP (FAT & NTFS).
    - Supports FAT and NTFS file-systems.
    - Easy to use.
    - Step-by-step Configuration Wizard.

    - Hide Folders and Files; Defeat software audits with patent pending technology.
    - Invisible installation (StealthDisk installation is undetectable).
    - Hide 'Control Panel/Add Remove Program' entries.
    - Delete 'Start/Recently Used Documents' lists.
    - Delete 'Recycle Bin'.
    - Runs 'Decoy' program if unauthorized access attempted.

    - Remove 'Cookies'
    - Clears Temporary Internet Files
    - Clears 'Internet History' page lists
    - Hide 'Favorites'

    Advanced Features
    - Save password on floppy to be used as access key (PRO version).
    - Optional encryption (PRO version).
    - Emergency hide of all groups.
    - Option to close any back doors to StealthDisk's user interface (PRO version).

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