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  1. ArtemZ

    ArtemZ Прохожие

    The following is a comprehensive list of key features provided by Accliptic Support.


    * Simple to install and administer.
    * Utilizes readily available, industry standard free and open-source software for back-end functionality.
    * Attractive default user interface.
    * Easy to integrate into your existing web site design.
    * Define your own <HEAD></HEAD> tag contents - META tags, cascading style sheets, Javascript, etc.
    * Themes separate software logic from presentation, allowing for the creation of a drastically different support system experience (see note #1, below).
    * Theme overrides allow for the selective modification of the default theme without the need to write and maintain a new theme.
    * Many UI elements can be collapsed and expanded, allowing you to maximize screen space and focus only on portions that are being used.
    * User contact information manager.
    * Fully-featured user account search engine.
    * Searchable user history.
    * Automated lost password retrieval.
    * Competitive pricing.

    Inquiries (customer)

    * Inquiry receipt via web-based form or email.
    * Optional custom questions & answers during form-based inquiry submission.
    * Optional account creation during form-based inquiry submission.
    * Optional ability to create tickets - or not - during form-based inquiry submission.
    * Email confirmation of inquiry submission.
    * Direct inquiry submission to different "paths" (ie. billing, sales).

    Entries (customer support rep.)

    * Inquiry triage with customizable labels.
    * Assign inquiries to different technicians.
    * Fully customizable email confirmations.
    * Technician-specific and shared prewritten/commonly used responses.
    * Technician-specific monitored queue display settings.
    * Technician-specific signatures (unlimited).
    * Contextual display of path answer types - ie. pass results to Google, internal web applications, etc.
    * Entry search engine with contextual result display, fuzzy full text search, etc.
    * At-a-glance tally of unresolved inquiries.
    * Inquiry locking, with lock manager, to prevent duplicate responses.
    * Multiple entry types (inquiry, outgoing message, phone, in-person visit)
    * Ticketing system with fully functional ticket manager, history, etc.
    * Customer-specific graphical flags (fully customizable), history, and notes.

    Mail (customer support rep.)

    * Incoming and sent message display.
    * You can send messages to multiple recipients.
    * Persistent new mail message display anywhere in Accliptic Support.
    * Message content styling, quoting, image embedding, links, etc.


    * Multiple, defineable forum areas.
    * Message display by thread.
    * Admins and CSRs can edit or delete posts and threads.
    * Message content styling, quoting, image embedding, links, etc.
    * Special thread toggle, so that they always appear on top of list.
    * Restrict access to forum areas based on levels (Levels include admin, CSR, user, and "everyone").


    * Easy to navigate hierarchical structure.
    * Unlimited knowledge base articles and categories.
    * Articles can be mirrored within multiple categories.
    * Each category has fully editable description, with full styling (color, image, links, etc) support.
    * Each article has editable synopsis and description, with full styling (color, image, links, etc) support.
    * Optional category and article comments, providing a means for customers to provide feedback and/or annotate knowledge base documents.
    * Article ratings by customers, letting you know what needs to be improved.
    * Restrict access to articles and categories based on levels (Levels include admin, CSR, user, and "everyone").
    * Set unfinished articles and categories to draft status, hiding them from view until they are complete.
    * Knowledge article search engine with contextual result display, fuzzy full text search, etc.


    * Provide customers and non-customers alike with updates and current information via your web site.
    * Display notices based on access levels (levels include admin, CSR, user and "everyone").
    * Each notice has a definable priority (very low, low, normal, high and very high).

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