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    30 янв 2008
    Search Marketing Strategies: A Marketer's Guide to Objective Driven Success from Search Engines (Emarketing Essentials)
    By James Colborn

    Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann
    Number Of Pages: 208
    Publication Date: 2005-11-04
    ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0750666188
    ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780750666183
    Binding: Paperback

    Product Description:

    Search Marketing Strategies focuses on how to make the most from the search engine industry. Concentrating on the strategic element rather than the procedural approach, the author demonstrates how to adapt the tactical techniques, such as paid search, site side optimization and analytics packages, into search strategies in order to achieve marketing or corporate objectives such as branding, sales and customer acquisition.

    * Focuses on search marketing strategy rather than search optimization
    * Acts as a toolkit for adapting tactical techniques into search strategies
    * Written for marketers, therefore the consideration of the topic of search is wholly relevant for the marketing function

    Summary: Very beneficial
    Rating: 5

    Great book to understand the intricacies of search marketing. Very clear and concise. Most terms are explained very well and it gives you a very strong explanation of the search marketing landscape

    Summary: concise about branding and bidding for search terms
    Rating: 4

    This book might be compared to a recent one by Moran and Hunt, "Search Engine Marketing". Colborn's text is a little more concise. He aims it at a marketing reader, whereas the other book was also directed to someone who knew HTML. Colborn skips any discussion of how to write actual HTML pages in a way suited for search engines to rank well. Instead, he talks more on branding your site and isolating useful words and phrases associated with it, that users might ask a search engine about.

    There is also a quick runthrough of bidding strategies on various search engines. Well, realistically, only Google and Yahoo matter. The bidding is for those words and phrases that you defined in your branding.

    Summary: Good overview for starting search marketing. Needs meat.
    Rating: 3


    - Covers the broad spectrum of topics related tto search marketing. Includes terms, vendors, technology, fraud issues, metrics, and glossary. Mostly focused on paid search strategy, terms and tactics.
    - Brings you up to the level of strategy and down to the level of tactical implementation of pay for performance tactics.
    - If I were starting a position in Search enginge marketing, this would be the book to read. It's like sitting down with an expert teaching me the job of search engine marketing. Great for newbies or executives to get a comprehensive overview.
    - If you need to "speak the language" of search engine marketing and be conversant in strategies and tactics, this is the book for you.


    - Would love to see more `insider' tips and case studies. For that, go to MarketingSherpa.com.
    - Could be organized better. Didn't flow for me.
    - Good overview, but not a lot of information about natural search engine optimization.
    - Overpriced at $37

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