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Публиковать (для всех) нуленые версии, особенно от modulesgarden КАТЕГОРИЧЕСКИ не стоит. Тема мониторится оным разработчиком, а к нам приходят абузы которые нельзя игнорировать.
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Модераторы: Amazko, Aste
  1. eburgnights


    10 мар 2007

    Сайт системы

    * Easy Editing
    o HTML WYSIWYG editor = What You See Is What You Get
    o Makes authoring content as easy as writing an email
    o No html knowledge required!
    * Smart Design
    o Web pages can feature more than one content block
    o Core design structure is protected from users editing content blocks
    o Drag-and-drop interface makes rearranging your website content a simple task
    o CMS code uses stylesheets for consistent look-and-feel throughout site
    * Autogenerated Menus
    o Navigation menus are generated by cms based on your content
    o When you create new content or rearrange existing content, menu is updated automatically!
    * Upload Function
    o Upload ability promotes efficient management of documents and images on your website
    o Simply browse and upload, no server knowledge needed
    * Previewed Pages
    o Lets you see your changes and make any edits before changes are published to your website
    o Encourages new users to edit content with confidence
    * User Permission Management
    o Multiple levels of users ensures appropriate editing permissions within your organization
    o You can determine which pages users can edit & which settings users have access to
    * Portable Access
    o Web-based CMS allows portable access to editing website content wherever you have internet access
    o Edit your website from work, from home, even from the coffee shop down the block.
    * Secure Administration
    o Zowie CMS is password protected so access to the administration of your website is limited to authorized users
    o You can manage your own users, so that you can control who has access to your website

    Zowie CMS is fully scalable and can be upgraded to include any of these advanced features:

    * Photo Gallery
    * Editable Forms
    * Form Submission Management
    * Newsletter
    * Events
    * Secured Members-only Content
    * Site search
    * Press Releases
    * Job Postings
    * CMS-generated sitemaps
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