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    3D-Tool is a professional CAD-Viewer which provides a wide range of functiona-
    lity to dynamically display and analyze 3D-models and to view 2D-drawings.

    Not everyone has access to expensive CAD-systems. 3D-Tool lets you publish
    your CAD-projects and pass them on to any other PC with a free embedded viewer.
    3D-Tool provides different strategies to distribute single parts or complete
    assemblies via e-mail or on data media. The recipient will see your model in
    3D and can easily use various tools to do a close examination of your design.
    In addition 3D-Tool facilitates the distribution of 2D-drawings, alone or
    together with your 3D-models.

    The intuitive viewer enables users, even without special CAD skills, to rotate
    the model, to zoom into details, to check dimensions and to create cross
    sections. Any view of the model can be printed or exported as a picture file.
    Multiple analysis functions support engineers in evaluating complex problems
    and creating solutions.

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