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  1. alex0n

    alex0n Создатель

    31 май 2006
    GameScript Features »

    GameScript is a powerful solution that makes running an online gaming website easy.
    GameScript is developed using PHP and MySQL (a highly efficient open-source database). This solid back end technology allowed us to develop a product that is both amazingly fast, yet reassuringly stable.

    GameScript boasts a wealth of features that you can take advantage of.

    Easiest system to add games!
    Here's a screenshot. 1) Upload thumbnail 2) Upload game file 3) Select Category 4) Fill in game name and description 5) Click on "Add Game"! On either a fast internet connection or grabbing files from a remote server we have been able to add games in 30 seconds on MANY occasions. Nobody has an easier to use "add game" form than we do. We have added about 1200 games now through our system. Nobody adds more games than we do [​IMG] An easy game adding processing is incredibly important to us.

    Multiple ways to upload files
    You can either FTP your files or upload them straight from your computer through a browser upload tool or grab them directly from websites!

    SWF File Automatic Sizing
    No more entire height/width for your game files! Our script will figure it out for you and enter it into the DB.

    Membership Management
    Users can signup so they can keep track of the number of games they have played and try to get onto your Top Gamers list. All passwords are stored in the database using MD5 encryption to help keep your users safe. You will be able to delete members from the control panel

    We have an easy to use newsletter system so you can email all of your registered users from your admin panel.

    Tell A Friend
    At the bottom of every game pack will be a form your users can fill out to send a link to that game to a friend.

    Comments & Ratings
    Allow your users to post comments on your games and rate them on a scale of 1-5. In the control panel you can quickly read and delete any comments.

    Blog Code Integration
    We were the first arcade script to add simple copy/paste integration so YOUR users can put your games on their blog with a quick linkback to you. Our customers have found this can be their top traffic source.

    SEO Friendly
    We use mod_rewrite for URLS that will look like: Or in V2.5 with a quick option to choose between the two or simply turn SEO Mode off.

    Link Management
    Add and delete links quickly and easily from your control panel.

    Built in Search Engine
    search through our entire game database to quickly find the game(s) you want to play.

    To view a screen shot of the admin control panel please click here
    To view a live demo of the script in action please click here

    Installing GameScript is very simple. There is a well documented readme file that comes with the script. This gives you clear step by step instructions on how to install the script.
    You'll have a powerful online gaming website running in minutes!

    If you would like the buy a copy of the script to use on your website check out the purchase page.

    What will you need?
    PHP 4
    MySQL 4
    * Ioncube loader unless you're using the unencoded version

    Demo: h**p://***
  2. shakir

    shakir Прохожие


    Is there a huge game pack for gamescript script?

    Thank you
  3. cyberkir

    cyberkir Создатель

    16 июл 2007
    не попадалась более новая версия?
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