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Тема в разделе "Софт", создана пользователем falc00n, 1 окт 2008.

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  1. falc00n

    falc00n Прохожие

    Графический клиент SFTP защищенного копирования между компьютером и серверами, поддерживающими эти протоколы.
    Примерный размер: 3 мб
    Лицензия: Freeware

    WinSCP 4.1.7

  2. sugarcoma

    sugarcoma Создатель

    28 янв 2008
    WinSCP 4.18

    Expanding/collapsing capability of message boxes removed.
    Bug fix: Icon on Properties dialog is shrunk to fit, if shell icon size is too large.
    Bug fix: Dragging of item in editor list was not correctly stopped.
    Bug fix: Error when moving current remote directory to different location (e.g. by dragging tree node).
    Bug fix: Duplicating session in new window was not working.
    Bug fix: Color of file panel border was not updated in some cases.
    Bug fix: Error on startup when initial local directory as reported by Windows starts with lowercase drive letter.
    Bug fix: Size of externally removed local files was not detracted from total file size shown on status bar.
    Bug fix: File statistics on status bar was not updated with automatic update of local file panel on external change.
    Bug fix: Controls on some dialogs (e.g. editor preferences dialog) were occasionally corrupted.

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