[Photoshop] DigitalAnarchy - Color Theory Pro v1.53 for AE & PS

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  1. Nous

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    7 дек 2006

    Color Theory is a digital color wheel that intelligently finds harmonious color combinations. This tool enables you to quickly analyze hundreds of color schemes while working with existing logos and artwork.
    use r-y-b instead of r-g-b

    Why is Color Theory important for choosing colors? And what's the advantage of using Color Theory over, for instance, the Color Picker built into your Mac or Windows machine?

    Color Theory is based on an artist's RYB color palette. R-Y-B stands for Red-Yellow-Blue, and it's the system that we all learned to use as the basis for choosing colors.

    Theory Standard offers a very sophisticated color matching system. comes as a stand-alone application.

    For both the Standard and Pro versions, you get get Color Theory as a stand-alone application. With the Pro version, you can also use a Color Theory plugin directly within your favorite design application. Access the Theory interface and tools directly through Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, or Apple Final Cut Pro.

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