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    30 янв 2008
    Online Promotions: Winning Strategies and Tactics
    By Bill Carmody

    Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
    Number Of Pages: 352
    Publication Date: 2001-04-05
    ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0471403989
    ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780471403982
    Binding: Paperback

    Book Description:

    The only complete guide to creating and managing successful online promotions
    Attracting customers and driving sales in today's increasingly crowded, hyper-competitive online marketplace requires sophisticated new promotional techniques using a host of ever-evolving media tools. The first hands-on guide devoted exclusively to the subject, this book tells advertising and marketing professionals what they need to know to create and manage online promotions that pop. Drawing upon his experiences developing online promotions for Fortune 500 clients such as 3Com, AOL, Microsoft, Visa, and Xerox, expert Bill Carmody covers the latest thinking and practices in multi-brand promotions, advertising online promotional campaigns, data-gathering techniques, measuring performance, promotion follow-up, and much more. He also covers a wide range of important related issues, including international and cultural concerns, legal issues, privacy and security, and others.

    Summary: Awsome book!
    Rating: 5

    I'm not too sure what those negative reviewers were thinking, but this is one of the best books I've read on online promotions. Easy to understand and makes the valid points all the way through. Good information in the beginning for those of us not used to online promotions. You've made a fan Bill Carmody and not because we have the same last name!

    Summary: Easy to understand
    Rating: 4

    Bill Carmody is obviously very knowledgeable and a good online promotions consultant. I learn much useful information (like the main elements, the legal aspects and the strategies of online promotions) from his book.

    Actually, no matter whether you are a marketing or non-marketing person, you could likely understand most content of this book because it is well structured and the basic knowledge about online promotional tactics (such as loyalty program, instant win game and tell-a-friend sweepstakes) is clearly provided at the beginning of this book.

    Also, Bill Carmody has not only listed out many preferred tactics for meeting different promotional objective, but also given advices (on whether to keep the online promotions in-house or outsource it) to help you allocate your limited resources. Surely, those points are important to you so as to organize an effective online promotional campaign.

    If you have already tried to run an online promotion before and its result was not good enough, you should pay more attention on the importance of promoting your online promotions by using offline media.

    All in all, this book is worthwhile to read especially if you do not have much knowledge about online promotions.

    Summary: Bad Tactics
    Rating: 1

    I was highly disapointed in this book. I read some of the authors articles and thought the book would be useful, but most of the information was fluff. He may be in the promotions biz, but he takes 100 pages to get to a useful point. And I doubt I would trust the promotions law information in it unless you want to gamble.

    Summary: I'm glad Amazon lets me sell used books
    Rating: 1

    *Total* waste of time. I shouldn't be terribly surprised at being so disappointed.

    Summary: Tactics with solid and complete information
    Rating: 5

    As an expert in online marketing, I often find the online marketing books that I read to be extremely shallow. This book is a definite exception. The author has not only pointed out high-level tactics, but explores the minute details that are critical to making an online promotion a success. This book is all you will need to get a complete how-to guide to online promotions.

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