Boris FX Title Toolkit 1.0

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  1. Nous

    Nous Постоялец

    7 дек 2006

    Boris Title Toolkit extends the titling capabilities of Adobe After Effects by offering text features such as;

    * Sophisticated text styles created and applied right in AE
    * Multiple strokes per style, soft strokes, bevel and radial style strokes for 3D looks
    * Gradient fills ; linear gradients for highlight effects, bevel and contour gradients for embossed 3D looks, radial gradients
    * Separate control of stroke and fill opacity
    * Style based drop shadows, including soft drop shadows
    * Depth shadows and perspective shadows for 3D looks
    * Page formatting features such as tabs and word wrap
    * title toolkitRTF (rich text format) document import which preserves formatting by returns and tabs, and text attributes such as font, point size, text color, bold, and italics
    * Convenient automated title rolls and crawls
    * Vector shape objects to be used as text backdrops or design elements, including animatable shape primitives as well as support for using an AE mask path to define the shape

    The text plugins also offer easy to use Text On Path andType On effects, as well as powerful options for Jittering and Randomizing text characters or even randomizing text styles and fonts, and generating random pages of text characters following user specified controls.
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