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    25 дек 2007
    Engineering Tool, Simulation and Downloader

    BlueControl® is a powerful tool for setting parameters, simulation, commissioning, and diagnosing PMA’s BluePort® devices as well as the KS 800 controller range, rail line equipment, and KS vario.

    The primary function of BlueControl® is parametrizing of control equipment with the assistance of plain texts, a clear structure, and online Help, thus enabling the numerous options to be selected quickly and safely. Hereby, all settings can be edited, copied, and saved. If BlueControl® is linked with an active device (online mode), the most important process data and settings of the connected device can be monitored and changed, and the trend function also permits them to be recorded. The display is in real-time.

    A completely risk-free procedure is provided by the detailed device and process simulation, primarily for testing control functions before commissioning, or for training purposes. This feature also permits the simulation of comprehensive functions and complex devices, without having to connect the device or process signals to the PC.

    Moreover, special functions are offered for numerous device types and families. For the BluePort® range, the front panel operation and display can be modified extensively. For devices with the PROFIBUS-DP option, the variable bus accesses are defined via BlueControl®. The program editor provided in the ”expert” BlueControl® version greatly simplifies the adjustments necessary for devices of the ”programmer” type. BlueControl® uses established MS Windows operating standards as well as the familiar operating elements and menu structures of MS Office programs.

    more info @http://www.pma-online.de/en/products/bluecontro.html
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