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  1. DanielR

    DanielR Писатель

    25 дек 2007

    K-ML is a mailing list / newsletter manager. K-ML makes online marketing easier than any other tool. With K-ML you can very easily manage large lists of contacts or customers and send them customized messages that fits their profile. K-ML supports HTML messages with images and sound, attachments, worldwide characters sets, priority levels... K-ML can also be embedded within a Web site for online (un)subscription.

    K-ML features ...
    Unlimited number of subscribers, unlimited number of mailing lists.
    Customizable messages.
    HTML and attachments (Base64 encoded by K-ML for security)
    SMTP Authentication.
    Generate a Web page for subscribtion/unsubscribtion.
    Powerful professional double opt-in (confirmation) script
    Easy Web Site integration (requires PHP)
    Automatically fetch new subscribing / unsubscribing (requires a FTP access to a PHP enabled Web server).
    Supports multiple accounts
    History record.
    Can change the priority of the Email and even ask for an acknowledgement of receipt.

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