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  1. to0x

    to0x V.I.P.

    9 апр 2006
    After such a long and intense development process of over 12 months we pride ourselves on bringing you what we think is one of the best script solutions available for TGP/MGP webmasters today. RoboTGP has a huge amount of features including our very smart gallery rotation system along with a one of a kind Multi-Cat TGP feature that enables you to build a site with hundreds of categorized archives with just a few clicks of a button. The entire script, as powerful as it is, has been simplified in a way that enables webmasters to run their sites with ease. RoboTGP has also been coded extremely lightly and you'll notice it in the speed that all the features run. This initial release is in beta, simply for final testing purposes to eliminate any small bugs we haven't come across ourselves. It is a fully working powerful script.

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