[Мультимедиа] Phutboyslim v1.4 VST

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  1. gustavjung

    gustavjung Создатель

    22 авг 2008
    Phutboyslim v1.4 VST


    Phutboyslim is an inline sampler VST plugin which samples its audio input and plays back tempo-synced chunks - an effect which is sometimes referred to as the CD-skip effect or stutter-edit.

    It is designed to be inserted in the master output fx rack and functions by constantly sampling the last "x" beats of the input signal (your whole mix, usually). When it receives a MIDI note, it constantly plays back that buffer until the MIDI note is released, at which point the source material is allowed through again.

    Think of the stuttering samples in a typical Fatboy Slim tune and you'll have a good idea of what phutboyslim can do for you.

    Select any number of beats from 1-16.
    Sub-divisions down to 1/64th.
    "quick-select" keys on the turntable.
    MIDI support - trigger playback and change beat count via midi note.
    Forward, reverse and toggle playback modes.
    Automatic synchronization of the GUI trigger (to the nearest 1/4 or 1/16th of a bar).

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