[Мультимедиа] Roger Nichols Digital DETAILER v1.2

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    22 авг 2008
    Roger Nichols Digital DETAILER v1.2


    Detailer is a stereo mastering process developed by Roger Nichols and used in countless hit records. Detailer offers a new way of increasing the perception of "detail" in the mid level of a final mix while still allowing increased loudness. The process involves a combination of three-band limiting and dynamic widening using psycho-acoustic processing. Roger Nichols has fine tuned the process to produce the most effective result with the least amount of adjustment.
    Three is better than one
    Detailer splits the incoming signal into three frequency bands that are each processed independently. Great care has been taken to eliminate phase shifts at the crossover points, a common problem with multi band plug-ins. Once the signal processing is complete, the three bands are recombined into a full frequency band signal.
    Dynamic widening without the mud
    Detailer uses spectral harmonic detection and intelligent parameter adjustment to apply its innovative dynamic-widening processes only where and when it is useful.
    Make it loud, please
    Using the advanced limiting algorithms from our highly acclaimed Finis plug-in ensures maximum audio levels - if that is needed - while preserving audio dynamics. Using Detailer along with Dynam-izer will give you the loudest mixes on the planet, and leave your dynamics intact.
    What you see is what you get
    A comprehensive set of meters lets you adjust Detailer settings to perfectly match the specific characteristics of your audio signals.

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