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  1. morfey2005


    30 янв 2008
    What's New in Ektron CMS400.NET v7.5?
    Introducing the latest release of ektron, Version 7.5, with industry leading content management, document management, search and forum enhancements, the new Social Networking Framework, and complete support for Web 2.0.

    What do you want your website to do? Do it with Ektron CMS400.NET v7.5

    The Ektron Intranet

    The eIntranet let's you do everything you need to do on your intranet, and everything you want to do with just one application. Promote collaboration within your organization, effectively distribute information and enable users to personalize their workspace to work smarter and faster.

    Social Networking Platform

    Make your site an online destination! Increase site “stickiness” by giving visitors their own place to create an online persona, establish groups and invite their friends to join. Participation in your site’s social network encourages the type of interaction and viral marketing that has real business value. Social networking is also a powerful collaborative tool for your business’ intranet, allowing coworkers to create project workspaces through which others can efficiently find information and work together.

    Web 2.0 Toolbox
    Version 7.5 provides you with the most comprehensive and complete Web 2.0 toolbox to ensure you meet and exceed your Web site goals and vision. Utilize new and existing CMS features like forums, five-star rating or tagging to build rich and powerful Web applications for any Web, intranet or extranet scenario.

    Next Generation Document Management
    ektron’s Document Management engine has been completely rebuilt allowing users to interact with the document management system within a familiar folder structure on their local machine, navigate your site’s information architecture folder structure from your web browser or work directly from Windows Explorer your Microsoft Office toolbar. The result is improved performance and user experience, reducing the learning curve and increasing user adoption.

    SharePoint® Integration
    Publish your SharePoint assets to a public-facing website, intranet or extranet. The Ektron SharePoint connector module enables SharePoint users to promote documents to the Web, without ever leaving SharePoint. You can work from the environment that you are already use to.

    Search Enhancements

    Your site visitors use search to find what they are looking for. In addition to content, blogs, forums, people, maps, and documents should be included in your search options. Allow your site visitors to easily navigate all the information on your Web site and quickly find exactly what they are looking for with Version 7.5 search. Searching is faster with the help of complete content indexing, and results are more accurate with powerful options such as synonym searching, suggested results, ranking, auto summary generation, and taxonomy filtering.

    Forum Updates

    Version 7.5’s powerful enterprise-level forum capabilities are best in class allowing you to build an online community that meets all your needs. Whether you are looking to bring site visitors together around common points of interest, create stronger relationships with your customers, develop a community driven knowledge base system or build brand loyalty, v7.5 forums will get you there.

    Ultimate Address Book

    Connect with friends, customers and colleagues with a click of the mouse. Several powerful new levels of search criteria allow you to find people based on user tags such as location, similar topics of interests or directly by name. In addition, ektron’s powerful User Taxonomy allows you to organize your address book contacts in a hierarchy that makes sense to you.

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    Photo Server

    Sharing your photos from one single location has never been easier. Let friends, members and colleagues contribute photos by simply “dragging and dropping” photos right from their desktop to the Web. Photos can be automatically re-sized, mapped and rated giving you the most powerful and user-friendly photo gallery.

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    Starter Sites

    Rapidly deploy your Web site, and start solving your business’ online needs today with ektron Starter Sites. Turnkey Web sites designed to deliver common business function and industry requirements allow you to deploy now, and become a CMS400.NET expert at your own pace.

    New starter sites in Version 7.5 Include:

    Ektron Travel
    Ektron TeamSpace
    Starter Sites are tailored to address the needs and requirements for specific business processes or sets of tasks for organizations of any size.

    Learn more about Ektron CMS400.NET Starter

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  2. Muntik


    3 июн 2008
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