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    You are now exploring the 8th major release of AddWeb, the website promotion suite that has been the leader in web promotion software for 9 years!

    AddWeb is a powerful program that helps anyone promote their websites through many free resources on the Internet, including search engines, link directories, classified ad sites and more.

    AddWeb acts like a robot on your behalf. It takes the information you tell it about you and your website and it goes out to the hundreds of thousands of resources that accept website submissions and gives them the information they request about your website, so they will index it.

    To get a better idea of the power AddWeb gives you, simply use your web browser to visit a search engine like Yahoo! then manually submit (suggest) your website to it. Once you have done this, look at how much time it took you, then multiply that time by thousands of other resources! You will quickly find that if you had a list of all the resources included in AddWeb, and you worked 8 hours a day doing nothing but manually submitting, it would take you months to do the job that AddWeb can do in just minutes!

    There is no other submission software as powerful as AddWeb. AddWeb can perform hundreds of simultaneous submissions in addition to helping you build pages the search engines will like, finding out how well you are doing on the major search engines, sending your pages to your web server, reporting your progress, analyzing visits to your website and automating many of these functions. Note that some features are only available in the more advanced editions of AddWeb.

    When compared to website submission services, AddWeb shines. Submission services regularly charge you more than the cost of AddWeb to perform a single submission. With AddWeb, you can submit as many websites as you like, as often as you like. Furthermore, you get free database and program updates so you can always submit to new engines as we add them, and you are always current. In fact, hundreds of submission services are using AddWeb themselves!

    And these points are only for submission. Submission has moved to a fairly low position on the totem pole of website promotion. Building your web pages with PageBuilder, Optimizing with PageAdvisor, Tracking the progress with Rank Check, and the traffic with SiteStats LIVE only opens the door to the hottest promotion tool in the suite, LinkTrader.

    Simply put, if you have a website, you must have AddWeb.
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    Ввожу ключ,прога перезагружается и после выводит такое сообщение.В чем может быть проблема?


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