[Photoshop] Juice Drops 60: Fresh Crawl for Adobe Photoshop

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    12 янв 2008

    Отличная профессиональная подборка состоящая из 25-и высококачественных (5175x3375) векторных
    многослойных фоновых изображений в формате *.psd для Adobe Photoshop. В вашу коллекцию!

    This Juice Drops "match" volume is a perfect example of synergy at work. The vector graphics used in the illustrations were created in design layouts which were then adapted to the Juice Drops PSD format at the same time as they were animated for our Jump Backs line. The fresh new look is crisp, clean and hip. And you can carry the look from high resolution print graphics to your video projects. You can even use the vector files provided as a bonus in this Juice Drops volume for vector-style animations in Flash and After Effects. Even by themselves these Juice Drops are extremely useful, with a kind of young, romantic style you can see everywhere in broadcast and print work lately. Give your next project a modern whimsical feel with crawling vines of flowers and leaves or highlight an important graphic with golden curves of intricate filigree.
    Все архивы (кроме первого) независимые

    (один архив / одно изображение)
    Суммарный размер: 692 Mb

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