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  1. IEVteam


    9 июн 2008
    Have you ever thought of starting your own blog to make some money? Or do you have a blog that's simply NOT bringing you any income at all?
    "Discover How A Full-Time Social Worker Generates $2000 - $3000 Of Pure Extra Income Every Single Month... With ONLY One Simple Blog That Took Less Than 2 Hours To Set Up!"

    And he's only doing it out of love for his wife.
    Who would have known it'd turn out to be an automatic cash generating machine for him?

    Dear bloggers or bloggers-to-be...

    Hi I'm John Yeo, a simple chap working as a full-time social worker helping single-parent kids cope with their lifes. I started blogging out of pure interest and love for my wife, but never did I expect that it would grow into a profitable business for me.

    Right now, my blog is bringing me $2000 - $3000 of passive income every month, no kidding.

    You know what? Now, I'm able to treat myself and my wife to a trip to some exotic place or purchase some electronic toys which I fancy, or have a good dinner in some high class restaurant - all thanks to the extra moolah my blog has brought me! (And I still have some spare cash left after all these spending...)

    So you want to know how I do it? It's pretty easy actually...
    Let me start off by telling you my story. It all happened when I was planning my own wedding. You know it's tough planning a wedding (finding the venues, looking for caterers, etc, etc), and it can really take a toll on your normal life.

    But I love my wife so much I wanted to give her the best of everything. That's why I came up with the idea of making a wedding blog as a special wedding gift for my wife.

    As you know, all that wedding planning has already eaten up a large part of my time, so I was really worried that I wouldn't have enough of it to set up this blog.

    ... But I Was DETERMINED!

    So I armed myself with all the information I could find on the internet, and started setting up the blog.

    Guess how long it took for me to set up this blog?
    ONLY 1 to 2 hours! Believe it or not, it's that quick and simple!

    In case you're wondering what the whole fuss is about, you can visit my blog at but don't go there yet, let me finish my story first.

    After the blog was set up, I blogged about how my wife and I first met each other, the types of gifts I showered her during courtship and the wonderful moments we had together. Of course my wife was so happy when I told her about this, she gave me a big *kiss* on my cheek (hehe, lucky me.)

    But wait, the story did not end here...
    Even after our wedding, I continued to blog about our marriage and provide wedding planning tips to soon-to-wed couples. You can say I'm pretty much addicted to blogging and I can't stop.

    This carried on for a few weeks before I realized something.

    My blog was growing too popular!

    I was dumbfounded. People were simply SWARMING to my blog over and over again as if they were under some magic spell. And I was suddenly getting tons of traffic to my blog from out of nowhere!

    Very soon, some advertisers were knocking on my doors asking if I would like to advertise their sites on my blog,

    ... And they were like offering HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS
    to me just for cutting and pasting some simple codes
    on my blog!

    Ever since then, there was no turning back. Advertising requests kept on coming in like water, and there was no way to stop them. People simply WANT to stuff my pockets with money!

    Now aren't you curious about the
    exact steps that I've took to create
    thissimple blog that's been cookin' up
    a staggering 1500+ visits PER DAY and
    generating $x,xxx of cash a month
    even till today?

    (You don't even have to break my arms or legs to find out...)

    Because I've finally penned down and compiled all these steps into an easy-to-read ebook call the "Blogger's Paycheck":

    Ok, I know you're probably thinking right now, "Oh no, not another internet marketing ebook..." Get this straight, I'm not an internet marketer and I'm not going to blabber anything about that kind of stuff in the ebook.

    First, let me tell you what this ebook is NOT about:

    It's NOT about making a blog teaching people how to make money online (that's kind of stupid...)

    It's NOT about spamming. (I hate it to the core...)

    It's NOT about spending an arm or a leg to do a big launch for your blog (that's totally unneccessary!)

    It's NOT about selling/promoting any products. (I know you hate this idea too.)

    It's NOT about making your own product to sell to others (too much time and effort needed for that!)

    It's NOT about wasting your money on useless Google Adwords campaigns. (I've given up on that long time ago...)

    Relieved? Ok, now let me tell you what's inside this ebook (that I literally took great pain in writing so that you can get real value first hand information:(
    The one and only blogging platform you should use to save yourself hours and hours of frustration and time wasted.

    A most reliable webhost that will NEVER fail you if you host your blog with them (Setting up a blog with them is simply Idiot-Proof!)

    The exact same steps I've used to create a blog in less than 2 hours time (Comes with lots of pictures to guide you step-by-step!)

    The type of topics you should blog about so you'll never ever get tired of blogging! (No, you don't have to blog about your wedding if you don't want to...)

    A few simple tricks you can use right now to start sending traffic to your blog in a flash. (I've seen so many people failed in this area but don't worry, I can easily fix that for you)

    The little known secrets on how I write blog posts that will send readers begging for MORE

    The many sources of blogging profits that brings me tons of cash month after month automatically! (Listen up, I'm giving you my most guarded information here, so thank your lucky stars for that).

    One secret trick that will BOOST your blogging profits by as much as 10 times over!

    (I was hesitant in including the last part, cause it can stir a bit of unhappiness between me and other bloggers who want to keep this secret all to themselves. But I believe you deserve nothing but the best and I'm going to reveal this to you, nothing held back...)

    Download book:
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