Ray Pro V1.0

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  1. wolfle

    wolfle Прохожие

    Script Name : Ray Pro V1.0
    Homepage : http://www.boonex.com/products/ray/
    Supplied by : Member STN forum
    Nullified by : Lordshoa TEAM STN
    Tested by : Lordshoa TEAM STN
    Protection : call home / license check
    STN Homepage : http://www.itzallgood.info
    Demo : http://www.boonex.com/products/ray/raydemo/
    Release date : 017/09/2006
    Release type : PHP/MySQL
    Price : $198.00

    Add the most advanced web communication tools to your community
    site. Audio/video and text communication is made easy with Ray -
    web multimedia software.

    Web Chat With A/V Conferencing. Use this Flash chat tool to
    improve your A/V conferencing through multiple rooms, draggable
    interfaces and customizable designs.
    A/V Flash Instant Messenger. Allow your site members to talk to
    each other privately via audio/video Flash instant messenger.
    A/V Recorder. This stylish and simple recording tool for your
    website includes instant camera activation. No downloads needed.

    Need Ray Server ( RED5 Server ) installed on your host
    Added the V1.1 swf files they might work as well

    [​IMG] http://rapidshare.de/files/33478415/Ray.Pro.v1.0_Nulled_STN.rar.html

    [​IMG] http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5830C2NJ
  2. totamon

    totamon Прохожие

    с рапиды файл удален, перезалейте пожалуй100:)
    мега россию не пускает как всегда...
  3. SeeJey


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    23 мар 2006
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