[Joomla] JA Avian II Joomla Template Full Package

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    Highlights on new features of JA Avian II:

    * Override the voting feature of RSGallery2: users are entitled to vote directly by clicking star icon.
    * Enhance Feature properties for each image: users can easily grant any images with "feature" to be rendered in the JA RS Slide
    * Intelligent pre-load JA RS Slide: upcoming images in the slide show are pre-loaded in advance to ensure fast-loading capability
    * Add collapse function to two Top Spotlight right Columns.
    * Enable image uploading at user's end: all registered users are granted the right to upload his images to create his own gallery.
    * Fix bugs from RSGallery2: bugs when Anonymous can upload, Anonymous can comment, function Most Comment incorrect, bugs when editing image in Administrator panel.
    * Came with 3 independent color styles, Modern style, Bright style and Dark style.

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