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IP.Board 2.2 Mods (~60 штук) + Бонус

Тема в разделе "IPB", создана пользователем ipbuser, 23 дек 2006.

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  1. ipbuser

    ipbuser Прохожие

    Порядка 60 модов различной направленности...

    ibProBattle v1.3.2 - Battle System For Your IPB Forums
    D22-Remove Database Customizations v1.0 -
    This mod will allow them to remove custom additions to their database with extra options.
    D22-Statistics v1.1 - This mod shows many different statistics regarding the forum and members. Which statistics to be shown and the amount of each can all be configured via the ACP.
    (FSY22) Group Name Indicator v3.3 - Show a legend of your forum's groups in your Active Users bar, sorted in the order you specify.
    (FSY22) HTML Signature Permissions v1.0 - Allows you to set group permissions on who can use HTML in their signatures.
    D22-Skin Group Permissions v1.0 - This mod allows you to choose which groups can use/view skins on the forums.
    (FSY22) View Anonymous Permissions v1.0 - Allows you to set permissions on what groups can view anonymous members, instead of just having admins being able to view them.
    (M22) Ban Filter Xml Importer / Exporter
    This simple modification is a small addon to the existing Admin CP code for the Ban Filter.
    (FSY22) Ban Filter Reasons v1.0 - IPB offers a nice 'ban filters' section to your board where you can ban IP addresses, email addresses, or user names from accessing your board.
    Multiple Member Logger - This modification uses a cookie to detect any members who are using more than 1 account. Since it uses cookies, this method is only effective on one computer, but should help somewhat.
    (M22) Auto Welcome 1.2 - First impressions always count, now have the option to automatically welcome members by Welcome PM, Welcome Email or Welcome Topic, enable or disable them at any time.
    News And Announcements V1.1.final - Display a News And Anouncements box below the members bar!
    (M22) Guest Message 1.3 - A simple guest message that can be edited in the admin cp, and is only displayed to guests with a simple message about your forums.
    D22-Member Rap Sheets v1.0 - This mod will create rap sheets (topics) in a specified forum when warning a user, to keep track of warnings made to members.
    D22-Topic Notes v1.0 - This mod allows members to store notes per topic.
    D22-Move Members Upon Max Warn Level v1.0 - This mod will allow you to move members to a new group when they reach the maximum warning level, and it can also automatically move members back to their original group when their warning is decreased.
    (BBR22) Disable Admin Logs Deletion 2.1.0 - This allows you to make sure all admin logs stay and never get removed
    (FSY22) Pip Popup v1.1 - Ever wonder how many posts you need to get up to the next rank, or what those group icons mean? With this mod, all users have to do to find out this information is to click their (or anyone else's) pips or group icons in the topic view, profile view, or member list, and they will get a descriptive popup.
    (FSY22) Auto PM New Members v6.0 - Send an introductory PM to all newly registered members.
    D22-Show/Hide Registration Terms v1.0 - This mod will give the option to display or hide the registration terms before proceeding to the registration page.
    D22-Members Viewed Topic Today v1.0 - Let's you see the members who viewed a topic today
    (FSY22) BBCode & Emoticons in Filter v1.1 - Allows the use of BBCode and Emoticons in the word filter.
    D22-Show Signatures Once v1.0 - This mod will display a poster's signature only once throughout a page per topic.
    D22-Quick PM Reply v1.0 - Allow members to reply to PMs quickly without leaving the page.
    (FSY22) Users Awaiting Validation v2.3 - This mod shows the number of users who are awaiting validation of their membership on the main board in the Board Statistics section
    [AH22] Topic multi-moderation enhancements 1.0.1 - This will enhance the existing multimod and add easyban and variables
    (FSY22)Spam Protection v1.3 - With this mod you gain several tools to help you combat spammers attacking your site.
    (FSY22)PM Preferences v1.0 - When composing new PMs, you have checkbox options to put the PM in your sent folder or to track the PM. The problem is, those checkboxes are always unchecked when you start a new PM. With this mod, each member can set their own preferences on whether or not they would like those options to be checked off.
    (FSY22)Number of Topics Started v3.0 - Shows the number of topics each user has started in the Topic View and Profile View.
    (FSY22)Members Registered Today v2.2 - Adds a new sub-section to your forum's Board Statistics section which counts how many new members have registered at your site today.
    (FSY22)Members Online Today v3.2 - Keeps track of the number of registered members that have visited your site today and also records which day you set the record for the most members online in the same day.
    (FSY22)Member Anniversaries v2.1 - Adds a new feature to your main board index similar to the members' birthdays, but this is for members' anniversaries of their join date for that forum.
    (FSY22)Global Forum Message v3.0 - A quick little mod that will enable you to have a simple global message showing at the top of your forums

    Report Center - The Report Center is an Invision Power Board component/plugin that replaces the default Private Message / Email report system that many message boards use today.
    ibSpeak - This will add a fully AJAX Compatible shoutbox to your forum
    [AH22]Task Manager Release Candidate 4 - The Task Manager is a must for forum administrators with alot of tasks on their hands.
    (FSY22) Bounced Email Fixer v1.0 - With this mod, you can stop emails being delivered from your board to members that no longer have valid email addresses.
    Portal System 3.0.1
    Links System 3.0.0
    ibProMyPage 1.0 For 2.2.x - A Module For Your IPB Forums To Add Your Own Personal Page To Your Site.
    ibProArcade 3.2.0 Final
    [Klassified 2.2] Harmonize - v2 - Harmonize was created for Board Administrators with more than 1 Forum. Everyone hates registering on more than 1 Forum so why not have the option to register on 1 Forum then import your info to another forum of the Board Administrators choosing.
    (FSY22) Top Posters Per Day v1.0 - An alternative to the Overall top 10 posters link on your board, this small component will show a list of the top members based on their posts per day count instead of their total post count.

    D22-Post Requirement to Send PM or Email v1.0.1 - Lets you set the minimum amount of posts required in order to send a PM or Email to another user.
    (FSY22) Default Signature v1.1 - With this mod you can set up a signature that all newly registered members will get.
    Count Bots on the online list for 2.2.x - This modification will show bots/spiders on the index page of the online list
    [SS] EZ Ban v1.0 - With this modification, you may "Ban" users through the Warn Center
    Added Phishing Security for IPB 2.2 [TGFX] - This simple javascript mod generates a pop-up message everytime a link from outside your domain is clicked.
    Ban Filters Exporter for IPB 2.2.0 RC3 - This modification enables forum administrators to make XML exports of their forum's ban filters in development mode so that the filters can be more readily shared between the community's users during this time of unusually high spam bot attacks / postings. This mod will be especially useful for those users who have been hacked or who participate in the ever growing spambots thread in the hacking forum.
    Disable deletion of moderator logs - This will disable the ability to delete moderator logs in the "Board Logs" section of the ACP, regardless if the manually know the URL string.
    (FSY22) Members Skin in Topics v1.1 - Show each member's skin choice in the information section below their avatar in posts. This line that shows their skin is also a link that enables you to quickly switch to that skin.
    Total Post on Board Index - This will show the total post on board index without total topics..
    Total Poll Votes On Board Index - This will display total poll votes on board index..

    Total Polls On Board Index - this will display total polls on board index..
    Total topics on Board Index - This will display the total topics on board index.
    Today's Birthday Collapse/Expand - Will allow you to collapse/expand todays birthdays!
    Calandar Collpase/Expand - Will be able to collapse and expand the calandar.
    Active Users Collapse/Expand - This mod will allow you to hide and show the active users..
    BoardStats Collapse/Expand - This mod is called board stats collapse and expand. say you got alot of stats? and want to give users the option to collapse and expand there stats? This mod will do it.
    D22-# Members Viewing Forum v1.0 - This mod will display the # of members currently viewing the forum on the board index.
    Tom Jaworowski's /Me Mod - This Mod will add the command /me your forum through BBCode. This Mod was based on the idea of the IRC command /me. Here is an example on how it works below.
    D22-Display Online List At Top Of Board v1.0 - This mod will give the option to display the active users list at the top of the forums.
    D22-Allow Quick Edit In Forums v1.0 - This mod will give the option to enable or disable the use of quick editing in forums.

    Внимание: для некоторых модов может понадобится (FSY22) Universal Mod Installer v2.1. В самом описании будет написано об этом.

    (FSY22) Universal Mod Installer v2.1 - The Universal Mod Installer is a script designed to let you quickly and easily install or uninstall any mods that are designed to be compatible with it. Using this script, you can have one secure place to perform (nearly) all of the steps involved in adding or removing modifications to your v2.2.x Invision Power Board.

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  2. Pr0tEct0

    Pr0tEct0 Создатель

    15 окт 2006
    к этому паку еще б сам форум, и был бы законченный набор :) в любом случае... +1
    ps это так, мысли вслух :)
  3. ipbuser

    ipbuser Прохожие

    ф подпись ...
  4. LavLanNet

    LavLanNet Прохожие

    Подборка супер. А с переводом ещё бы стала лучше.:)
  5. T@R@S

    T@R@S Постоялец

    18 ноя 2006
    Universal Mod Installer v2.1 - где этого зверя взять?
  6. JESUS


    28 ноя 2006
    под 2.2.1 это все подойдет?
  7. Maddog

    Maddog Прохожие

    А где взять FastReply подскажите plzz
  8. Mons


    2 апр 2006
    НЕ советую я вам пользоваться "Board Skin Generator"
    Вот причины почему:
    - Во первых всегда лучше когда сам все создаешь с нуля.
    - Во вторых, графика идет не оптимизированная.
    а это значит что форум становится тяжелым и начинает жутко тормозить.

    Я тоже поставил недавно, а потом пошли жалобы от юзеров.
    В итоге всетаки взлся сам делать графику и css.
    Что получилось посмотрите сами, и вроде быстро.
    Могу даже поделиться на условии что копиры оставите мои.

    http://forums.tweet.ru все нарисовано самим.

    Добавлено через 45 минут
    Universal Mod Installer for IPB v1.3.2

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  9. gromdron

    gromdron Создатель

    28 дек 2006
    Супер но если моды с http://invisionize.com/ то половина модов - неработает.
  10. Gykov

    Gykov Прохожие

    В любом случае ручками придется поработать )
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