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Тема в разделе "Скины", создана пользователем darmoid, 15 июл 2008.

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  1. darmoid

    darmoid Киллер

    9 мар 2007

    Gossip is a three column WordPress theme, created for gossip and celebrity related blogs. (It’s also the first released theme of Wpdesigner’s themes club.)

    Although it displays three columns, Gossip actually has four sidebars (more flexing room).
    Click here for the live demo(this demo allows you to preview only the front page).

    Additional Screenshots

    Examples of Text Styles


    Gallery Template



    * 4 widget-ready sidebars
    * 300×250 advertisement template loaded as a text widget
    * expandable sidebar search form that fits perfectly in any column
    * inter-post advertisement template (banner in between post 1 and 2)
    * custom templates:
    o archives
    o links
    o gallery
    * typography / text styles:
    o alert
    o download
    o info
    o note
    * integrated plugins:
    o Author Highlight
    o Comment License
    o WP-PageNavi
    o WP-PostRatings
    * compatible with Firefox, Internet Explorer 6, Opera, and Safari
    * translatable

    Upcoming Features

    * improved comments template and design
    * more plugin integrations
    * theme options
    * more text styles
    * celebrity A-Z listing template
    * custom templates focused on photos and videos

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