Logahead Blogging Engine UNU Edition 1.0

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    5 апр 2006
    The UNU edition is based on the logahead beta 1.0 code published under GNU/GPL license. While the original version sticks to the basic functions of a blog (mainly publishing posts and receiving comments), the UNU edition is more enchanted and offers a number of additional features.
    WYSIWYG Support, Additional Plugins, Nice URLS, Trackback, Comment Moderation and much more
    Demo + Download Enhanced UNU Edition: Перейти по ссылке
    Standart Edition: Перейти по ссылке

    "logahead UNU edition is a one person blogging engine - simple to use but with a lot of features and nice gadgets. If you do not want to fool around with scripts and codes and just want to blog you may want to give a try to logahead UNU edition.
    When I first discovered logahead on the net a number of users discussed about the project and asked for additonal features. One of the missing things was support for search engine optimized URLs, nice web addresses for the pages. So I changed the code to use URLs that include date and title of a post and that was the beginning of logahead UNU edition. Time passed by and I added more and more features that seemed to be essential for an easy to use blogging engine. User requests as well as my very own ideas found place in this project. After all UNU (still) stands for Use Nice Urls. :)
    The original logahead is very ajaxified, allows to sort sidebar items and edit your posts right on the site. But it offers basic functions only where a number of adjustments and settings need to be edited offline and have then to be published via FTP."

    UNU Edition:

    * Of course some minor and major bugfixes are done during the development of logahead UNU.
    See the changelog added to the download for details or check out the forums.

    New Features:

    * WYSIWYG support: use HTML "on click" instead of Textile - 3 different WYSIWYG editors are included
    * Nice URLs for your pages: search engine optimized web addresses for posts, tags, archives and feeds
    * Comment moderation: only publish comments that you want to see, block IPs and e-mail addresses
    * Disable comments or keep them always open: it's up to you where you want to allow comments
    * Users may edit their comments: No more "oops" messages :)
    * E-mail and website fields for comments: get to know your visitors
    * Receive and send trackbacks: contacting other blogs
    * Post with future date: write now auto publish later
    * Write drafts: work on a post before publishing
    * Customizeable Style System included: easier handling of layout changes
    * New styles: Greenery and Wuhan
    * RSS feeds for Tags: people can subscribe to your blog's topics
    * Multiple blogs in one database: changeable db prefix on installation
    * "Previous and Next" links: easy browsing through all entries
    * Define excerpt part yourself: what you want to show in the quick view
    * Keyboard shortcuts: quick access to a number of features

    Additional Widgets:

    * Latest Posts
    * Latest Comments
    * Contact: show your contact information
    * Double Up: adds your del.icio.us bookmarks to the site
    * Links: shows a blogroll or your favourite sites
    * Pseudo Pages: to directly access special entries
    * Timeline: a replacement for the Archives widget

    Included Plugins:

    * Lightbox2: the popular image viewer
    * WidgEd: a file editor and package installer
    * Contact Form: adds a contact form to the entry
    * arc90 LinkThumb: preview of linked sites
    * arc90 ExtLink: open links in a new window
    * Textile Bar: quick access to textile syntax
    * ShortStat: a statistics tool

    Available as separate download file:

    * Spellchecker: the spelling cow plugin (not included due to required banner ad)

    Rel.: Nov/Dec. 2006
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