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    9 июл 2007

    How it Works
    All of your food items are stored in a list that's always available. To create a menu, you simply drag and drop from the list to the menu on the screen. MenuPro does the rest, formatting your menu based on your chosen menu style. If you don't like the way it looks, simply click one button to change to a completely new style. It's that's simple - anyone can do it. (For more details click How it Works)
    MenuPro Menu Styles - More Than Just Templates
    MenuPro Menu Styles are a unique design concept that lets you change the entire look of your menu without retyping. Each style comes with pre-selected fonts, colors, automatic text alignment, and an optional watermark background. You simply select a style from a list and MenuPro instantly formats your menu for you. You can further customize your design by adding graphics, hospitality food symbols, borders, or your own logo.

    Key Features
    • Easily Create Menus with over 135 pre-designed menu styles, over 1500 food illustrations, borders, and watermark menu backgrounds, over 130 fonts, and even a Culinary spell-checker.
    • Save Money on menu printing costs because you won't need a graphic artist or print shop.
    • No Need to Retype because MenuPro stores your food items in a database for quick and easy retrieval. Create menus by dragging and dropping rather than retyping. Keep specials and seasonal items on file and ready to go, make price changes instantly, print a new specials menu daily!
    • Create Full Color PDF Menus and then add them to your web site or email them to customers and clients.
    • Two-PC License lets you install and use MenuPro on 2 Computers - a great value.

    MenuPro comes with over 130 Monotype Imaging fonts and over 1500 clip art images, digital food photos, watermark backgrounds, fancy borders, and menu design illustrations - all created exclusively for MenuPro by top illustrators and design professionals. With MenuPro they are all yours to use royalty free.
    Anyone Can Design and Print Menus with MenuPro
    Designed to be efficient and powerful, yet easy to use, MenuPro contains powerful features that are unavailable with traditional desktop publishing programs. Its patented technology allows you to design a menu or change menu designs with a single-click - giving you the designer look without the hard work.
    And when your food costs or prices change, MenuPro lets you make instant changes and print menus in minutes, allowing you to more effectively compete in today's competitive marketplace.

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    15 май 2007
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