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  1. yxxx

    yxxx Создатель

    27 мар 2008
    Atomix Virtual DJ программа для микширования MP3 в реальном времени, с помощью её Вы сможете сделать отличный микс. Программа подходит как для новичков, так и для продвинутых DJ.Так же Atomix Virtual DJ содержит множество эффектов и примочек для DJ. Эта программа включает в себя такие возможности, как: автоматическая "подгонка" скорости треков, индикация изменения уровня громкости в треке, великолепная имитация виниловых пластинок, автосведение треков, возможность запомнить до 9 позиций в треке, множество плагинов для обработки звука, 3-х полосный эквалайзер, возможность записи микса в wav и mp3 и многое другое...


    Atomix Virtual DJ is the MP3 mixing software that targets every DJ from bedroom DJs to professional superstars such as Carl Cox, and is used everyday by millions of DJs, and in many big clubs. It features a breakthrough BeatLock engine that will keep your songs in tune and let you work your mixes incredibly faster than any other DJ. The automatic seamless loop engine and the new synchronized sampler will let you perform astounding remixes on the fly. VirtualDJ is compatible with timecoded vinyls that let you scratch your MP3s directly on a real turntable, and with many other DJ equipment.
    VirtualDJ will also let you mix and scratch music videos right from your turntables. You can use several interfaces to suit both beginners and professionals, record your mixes and burn them on CD, rip DVD, rip vinyl, create your own Internet radio, automatically mix playlists, use VST effects, display karaoke, and play DRMed file like Yahoo!

    • Twin independent zero-latency players with:
    • Standard controls (play, pause, stop, cue)
    • Volume control
    • Pitch control (from -34 to +34%)
    • 3 band equalizers with Kill + gain
    • One-click beat matching and synchronisation (new FAME algorithm)
    • BeatLock engine: your songs will always stay in time, and you can work your mixes incredibly faster than any other DJ could
    • Automatic beat-matched crossfading
    • On-the-fly automatic BPM calculation
    • Automatic pitch matching
    • Automatic level matching
    • Automatic beat matching
    • Dynamic beat visualizer for easy "drag'n'drop" beat-matching
    • Real scratch simulation
    • Virtual scratch: Scratch your mp3 with your bare hand
    • Automatic beat-aware LOOP function
    • Synchronised sampler with 12 instant slots
    • Master Tempo pitch algorithm
    • Automatic first beat and last beat detection
    • Automatic 4/4 phase detection
    • OSC network synchronisation
    • Infinite number of beatlocked desks (local multi-instance or network)
    • Infinite number of cue points saved per songs
    • Beat-aware effect plugins (included: beatgrid, flippin, vocal remover, filter, flanger, backspin, brake, etc...)
    • VST effects compatibility
    • Video mix with TV output (mix songs and/or video clips !)
    • Full karaoke support
    • Proprietary of FreeFrame video effects
    • Inifite number of video effect simultaneously
    • DJ-adapted video transition plugins
    • Song database engine with easy-to-use search feature
    • CoverFlow or text-only song browsing
    • Compatible with iTunes playlists
    • ID3 compatibility
    • Automatic "filter" folders
    • Automatic Hot-Swap of external harddrives
    • Ready-to-burn file recording to burn your own mixed CDs
    • Broadcast on the Internet
    • CD to MP3 encoder
    • Optional 3D sound card, 2 sound cards or Y-splitter for real-time monitoring or external mixtable use
    • ASIO soundcard compatibility
    • Fully customisable (skin engine and shortcut macro enngine)
    • External MIDI keyboard compatibility for shortcuts
    • Compatibility with most external controllers (DMC2, DAC3, iCDX, TotalControl, BCD2000, DJConsole, etc...)
    • Optional automatic mixing: Virtual DJ recognizes the style of the music (techno, hip hop, lounge) and adapt its mix in consequence


    FAME engine:
    - new BPM engine with more than 99.9% of correct detections
    - new automatic Key detection
    - optional automatic Key-Match
    - new auto-gain engine

    - video session recording
    - fade to black on level sliders

    - display both playing and coming waveform in songpos graphic
    - can move mixpoints on the fly during automix

    - new engine "VDJ Timecode v5" for VirtualDJ vinyls, optimized for scratch (the old engine "VDJ Timecode v4" optimized for needledrop is still available)
    - new engine "Noisemap" compatible with most noisemap-based records
    - new engine "PCDJ" compatible with most miss pinky-based timecode records

    External devices:
    - Pioneer CDJ-400
    - Vestax VCI-100
    - Denon HC4500
    - Xponent (fixed)
    - DJConsole RMX (improved)

    New functions:
    - smart beat-tap (automatically snap tapped beat to the nearest likely bpm)
    - smart play (play directly on beat)
    - smart cue (hotcue always in the tempo)

    - new skin "HE5" featuring all the new functions of v5.1

    Small Improvements:
    - sharper coverflow
    - improved vumeters

    Bug fixes:
    - many small bugs from v5.0.x fixed...
    Размер файла: 15.6 mb
    Язык интерфейса: ENG
    Лицензия: Shareware (Cracked)
    Оффсайт: Перейти по ссылке

    Дайте ссылку на крякнутую версию плиз.
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    11 апр 2008
    А как там с поддержкой русских шрифтов песен? А то помнится раньше это была великая проблема в этой проге..
    Ну всё равно, вот, мало ли может кому пригодится, подходит для более ранних версий.


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