ThumbGallery v.2.0

Тема в разделе "Флеш", создана пользователем Buzzer, 10 июн 2008.

  1. Buzzer

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    Version 2.0
    New functions to control play, pause, next and previous. New properties to control file caching, scale to fit images and randomize images. Plus other updates have been added from your requests!

    Features List

    • Fully customizable to match any website style
    • ThumbGallery Template and Flash Component included with purchase.
    • No need for the Flash application if using the Template
    • Easy online tutorials
    • Easily create and update images with the included XML template
    • Select type of thumbnail - image, number or solid color
    • Choose from 9 image transitions
    • Option to set images to scale to fit.
    • Set images and thumbnails to any size
    • Position thumbnail rows to top, bottom, left or right
    • Set thumbnails to any opacity
    • Choose to display multiple rows of thumbnails
    • Load in JPGs or SWFs
    • Add the gallery to your page.
    • Option to auto play through the images like a slide show
    • Control play, pause, forward and previous images.
    • Customize colors for background and thumbnail outlines
    • Set scroll speed of thumbnails
    • Add audio to thumbnail roll overs and clicks
    • Set custom corner radius on all edges
    • Ability to randomize images
    • Customize look and feel using the XML file or the component panel
    • Add caption and roll over text
    • Set main image to click to a URL
    • Samples included with download
    • Free updates
    • Quick and helpfull support
    • 30 day money back guarantee if not satisfied


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    Ссылку бы дали на демо:
    Галерея очень здоровская, немного переделать дизайн и можно получить что-то похожее на вот это:
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    Да, есть такое, забыл про ссылку....сорри, первый пост:nezn:
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    Классная галерея!
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    Перезалейте галлерею,плиз!))